Low-profiles with drop-down, A-class style beds have spread like a Christmas number-one hit across Europe’s major motorhome stables.

For 2009 only Bürstner and its Ixeo range boasted this feature, but 2010 sees Rapido, Chausson, Adria, Hymer and Dethleffs joining the party.

It’s easy to get drowned out in the resulting cacophony so Dethleffs has tried to stand out by upping the luxury of its Globe4 range, while by and large reproducing traditional low-profile layouts with drop-down beds tacked on.

We got to test the awkwardly named Globe4 T6741-4 during our tour through Berlin and Saxony, and came away deeply impressed. The ’van’s high quality becomes apparent even before you step in. Not only is the habitation body shapely, with forward-swept graphics that make it look compact and fleet of foot, it’s also fastidiously constructed.

Inside, this impression continues, thanks to a modern and elegant interior. We particularly loved the classy clock-face control panel design, although the hidden overhead locker catches in the lounge can be inconvenient, even if they do give the lockers a clean, modern look.

The T6741-4 features a classic rear transverse garage bed layout, with a half-dinette and compact kitchen. The dinette seat allows for two forward-facing belted travel seats. This means the ’van both seats and sleeps four, although the payload of 440kg doesn’t live up to the task.

It’s a shame that the payload is on the low side, because the storage provisions are among the Globe4’s highlights. This includes the large, easy-access garage, which is usefully equipped with securing rails.

The rear and drop-down beds are comfortable and fuss-free. Moreover, both are large enough to accommodate two sleepers comfortably.

The washroom is another highlight, with its large shower cubicle. The cleverly designed sliding basin can be secured in the shower stall when you’re on the toilet or moved into the toilet area when you’re using the shower. This ensures you have ample space whichever you use.

Touches like this set the T6741-4 apart from rivals. It is pricey and not without flaws but the van will unfailingly give its user the impression that much thought and care has gone into its design.