Bailey’s Advance range has been around a bit longer than its Alliance range – the first generation was launched in 2015 – but last year, it received an almost complete overhaul, with the new second-generation models being launched at the February 2018 NEC show.

Since then it’s received a couple more new layouts, and it’s now added the 59-2 to the line-up, taking the range to an impressive nine models.

As with the mid-market Alliance, the 59-2 is the baby of the family; both have the same end-kitchen, front-lounge floorpan.

The differences lie in the detail – the Alliance sits mid-market, while the Advance is Bailey’s entry-level motorhome range.

You can see one of the prime differences straight away: while the Alliance’s cab has a graphite paint job, the Advance gets the more usual white finish.

There’s also no wind-out awning fitted here. Other than that, externally there’s little to tell that this is a range aimed towards more budget-conscious buyers.

It’s the same inside: you’ll find that same layout, of course, and the differences are difficult to spot.

They are there, however. The end-kitchen gets the same spacious storage capacity, but has a darker-coloured work surface.

In the front lounge, the upholstery is also different to the Alliance’s – here, it’s in a ‘Hampstead’ colour scheme, along with scatter cushions and smart curtains.

Another difference is the lack of a flyscreen to the accommodation door.

Up front, the Peugeot Boxer cab looks more or less identical to that in the Alliance, but again, there are some subtle differences, including the fact that there’s no sat-nav system fitted here (the Advance does, however, still get a DAB radio).

Under the bonnet sits the 130bhp version of Peugeot’s 2.0-litre Blue HDi engine.

As with the Alliance, there’s only one kit cost-option available for the Advance 59-2, which is a matching set of bedding. Prices for this start at £229.