Auto-Trail’s V-Line 600 burst on to the scene at the end of 2013, with the suggestion of ‘more to come’. Now the eagerly awaited 2014 models are here: the rear-lounge 610 and the fixed-bed 620.

Both share the 600’s groundbreaking high-top design. They differ in other ways, though, principally at the rear, where a moulded panel has replaced Fiat’s standard barn doors. Other brands have done it, but this is a first for Auto-Trail, which includes a top-hinged boot lid in the lower half. The panel is so carefully sculpted that it mirrors the base vehicle’s styling. As a result, the rear looks completely integrated.

The V-Lines already had slightly higher, but infinitely more stylish, roofs than the base vehicle. These enabled the floor to be level from the cab to the back and left space for capacious aircraft-style roof lockers, topped by mood lighting. The company added attractive moulded interior wall panels that can be wiped clean.

In this review, we focus on the V-Line 620 – but we’ve also reviewed the 610 model.