There aren’t any British mainstream manufacturers currently producing A-classes, so if you’re in the market for one you have to look to the Continent.

Adria has long had a reputation for producing good-value, well-built vehicles, including luxury A-class ’vans – until recently, this included the Vision range, which was discontinued last year. Enter the Sonic: it was launched at the 2010 Düsseldorf show to replace the Vision for 2011. With a starting price of just over £65,350 in its four-tonne form, this certainly isn’t a cheap ’van, however – and there’s strong competition in this market from the likes of Bürstner, Hymer, Rapido and Pilote. So is the Sonic good enough to take on its European rivals and prove that Adria really can do prestige? There are three models in the Sonic line-up; here we test the SP version, with its transverse double bed.