If you’re stuck for a little light reading over the Xmas break, or are just the unlucky recipient of a particularly unimaginative Xmas present and are wondering what to do with it, WD-40 has compiled an interesting list of options for its eponymous lubricant.

The list consists of over 2,000 different (well, mostly) uses for Norm Larsen’s ‘Water Displacement – 40th attempt’, as submitted by users from around the world. And the vast majority have nothing to do with the trade-secret concoction’s original intent, either — no wonder WD-40 is at pains to point out that it hasn’t tested any of them.

Cleaning piano keys, removing chewing gum from wallpaper, polishing mother of pearl and removing tree sap from tree pruners are all on the densely packed, small print 10-page list. The entries are conveniently non-alphabetised too, so you’ll need to plough through the whole thing just to see if WD-40 can be used as a pigeon deterrent. (It can.)

[Uses for WD-40]