There’s no doubt that thieves are getting smarter – social media is brimful of reports of motorhomes disappearing from driveways while oblivious owners go about their business. 

Standard manufacturer security systems offer a basic level of protection, but smart crooks know the weaknesses of standard security set-ups and can have that vehicle off down the road in a matter of moments.

Plainly then, these are worrying times for motorhome owners – but it’s not all bad news. 

It’s not just the bad guys who are getting smarter: Phantom is working hard to ensure you keep your ‘van where you want it.

The answer is with Sentinel

The best way to fight back against a tech-savvy thief is using a sophisticated security solution – and that’s where the Phantom Sentinel comes in. 

It combines a dedicated leisure vehicle alarm system with a sophisticated vehicle tracking solution; together they represent ultimate protection against both motorhome burglary and theft.

How does it work?

The Sentinel system comprises two systems to provide peerless protection: the Gemini alarm system and the iTrack vehicle monitor.

Phantom configures the Gemini alarm to suit each motorhome that it is installed in, whether that’s a camper, coachbuilt or A-class. 

Gemini complements manufacturer systems, supplementing them with additional door switches and movement sensors as required. 

This is not a car alarm with a fancy sticker on it: it’s designed with a motorhome in mind – your motorhome.

Phantom’s team of specialist installers know exactly how to protect your van, and installations are tailored to you and your vehicle.

Stay in touch with iTrack

The iTrack tracking system is a Thatcham-approved set-up. Phantom’s 24hr Control Centre keeps track of your ‘van if the worst happens, but that’s only part of the package. 

iTrack monitors much more than vehicle location: it can also identify a battery disconnection, or a vehicle is being towed away. 

Even if your van is where it should be, it monitors the battery level so you don’t find out it is flat when you are ready to hit the road.

Keeping it simple

These two systems are formidable, but when security becomes a hassle, that is when it’s most likely to be left unused.

Phantom knows this, and the final advantage of the Sentinel system is the MyPhantom smartphone app that’s used to manage it. 

This puts control in the palm of your hand: you can disable the alarm movement sensors when you leave your dog in 
the van, or lockdown your ‘van completely when you need ultimate security – all at the tap of a finger.

The thieves may be getting smarter, but choosing the right security solution can keep you are a step ahead.

Installation of the Sentinel costs from £699 with various subscription options ranging from £8.30 to £13.50 per month. 

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