THE 2014 SEASON brings a re-vamped version of Adria’s classy low-profile motorhomes: The Coral range.


During the 48 years that Adria has been building motorhomes, the brand has developed a reputation for well-designed value-for-money ‘vans which continues with the new models.


The 2014 range sees them continue to compete with massive German manufacturers Bürstner, Dethleffs and Hymer, matching their wide range of motorhomes from entry-level coachbuilts to luxury A-classes.


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Based on a Fiat Ducato, with a length range of 6.9m – 7.49m, these are low-profiles to rival the European firms’.


In previous years Adria has phased in new Corals, trialling part of the range first alongside existing models, before gradually introducing the rest over time. This year, however, the range will be updated all at once.


Adria is always improving


The new range of Corals are sleek, with narrower and lower habitation bodies, which are 2.29 metres wide and 2.58 metres high at the front of the low-profile section. These reductions have been achieved despite a claimed increase of 0.5m3 to internal space.


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There’s also an extra-large rooflight over the cab and a redesigned habitation area that blends in better with the Fiat Ducato cab. 


Adria focuses on entertainment


The designers have placed a strong emphasis on multimedia equipment, with a redesigned drop-down flatscreen mount that places the TV at an optimal viewing height. There’s even an iPad mount near the control panel, for docking and charging a tablet computer.


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The new Coral range features a multi-media wall with the control panel, a tablet mount and charging station.


Six models in the new Coral range


There will be six models in the range at launch, three of which are 7.49m long, while the remaining three are 6.9m in length. By sticking to two body sizes, Adria has streamlined its production process, presumably leading to greater cost efficiencies.


The larger three ’vans will be coming to the UK: the S 670 SL, which has twin rear single beds, the S 680 SLT – with twin rear single beds and a rear washroom – and the S 690 SC, with a rear island bed.


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The S 690 SC has a rear fixed island double bed with plenty of wardrobe space.



The 6.9-metre-long S 600 SL, with twin rear single beds, is likely to follow in the UK market at some point during the 2014 season. The more compact Coral Sport range will be updated for the following year, with many of the enhancements found in the latest Corals.


Choose your Spec level


The new Coral will be offered with three different specification levels: the entry-level Axess, the mid-range Plus and the top-end Supreme.


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The range has a compace but useable kitchen.


The Axess uses cheaper caravan windows and has a basic equipment level, but does include Truma heating. Move up to the Plus and you’ll get flush-fit habitation windows and a choice of two furniture finishes: ‘Trend Horizon’, which has light-oak veneers on the furnishings and brown worktops, and ‘Class Forest’, with dark walnut veneers and black worksurfaces. The Supreme spec level includes everything that comes with the Plus, as well as Alde heating.


So you can personalise your Coral from the interior design and chassis colour, to the heating system and levels of kit, to get your ideal motorhome.


Pricing of the models is yet to be confirmed.



2014 Adria Coral Range

The first to be released into the UK market:


Coral S 670 SL

This has twin rear single beds, a flexi-bathroom with plenty of space for showering and the same well-equipped kitchen and living area that can be found throughout the range.


Coral S 680 SLT

This has twin rear single beds and a rear washroom, then a large living and cooking area with a custom-made 3-ring cooker which is space efficient and useable.


Coral S 690 SC

It has a rear island bed, flexi-bathroom, kitchen and front lounge, perfectly designed for couples.


To be released in the UK market at some point during the 2014 season:


Coral S 600 SL

Twin rear single beds , a large front lounge and a practical wet-room and kitchen in between. All in a 6.9m long low-profile ‘van, 


The future is… Coral Sport

The compact Coral Sport range will be released in 2015.


Practical Motorhome

September 2013


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