SLOVENIAN MANUFACTURER ADRIA Mobil celebrates two anniversaries in 2015: it notches up 50 years in leisure vehicle production and will have been a continuous presence in the UK motorhome market for 40 years.


The company will mark these milestones by unveiling a strategy for growth, based on a new more competitive price structure and the inclusion of options packs as standard. A new corporate logo has been designed, too, which looks sharper than the previous version. 

Adria is keen to grow its sales in the UK, which has always been an important market. The brand is committed to Britain and points out that its continuous presence in these islands since 1975 has been maintained in bad times as well as good, toughing out periods when currency exchange rates didn’t work in Adria’s favour. 


For 2014, Adria sold 276 motorhomes in the UK, making it one of the biggest import brands. Adria ’vans offer Continental design flair at realistic prices, and have a good reputation for reliability. With 95 per cent of its products built for export, Adria successfully tailors its offering for consumers in a wide range of different markets. 


What’s changed 

In common with the rest of the industry, Adria will be building on new base vehicles in 2015. These are the sixth-generation Fiat Ducato, available across the portfolio, and the fourth-generation Renault Master, which underpins the two updated Matrix Supreme models. 


The Fiat’s sharper new front end is a nice problem for motorhome designers to have, as it has required some imaginative thinking about how best to integrate the habitation area of coachbuilt models with the new cabs. Adria has embraced this challenge, with the new season vehicles sporting sleek profiles and sweeping lines from front to back. 


Other embellishments for 2015 see two new interior design schemes – Forest and Horizon – deployed throughout the low-profile and A-class ranges. Technical enhancements include wider habitation doors on the Matrix and Sonic, now increased by 10cm. Panoramic sunroofs and skylights are now widespread (optional in models carrying the entry level Axess trim), while head supports for travelling seats are now standard in all ranges. In addition, Isofix points for child seats can be specified as an option in both coachbuilts and van conversions. 


But if the 2014 season updates were dominated by the low-profile Coral range, the low-profile Matrix and A-class Sonic ranges will grab the headlines in 2015. The renowned Twin van conversion range has also been given a makeover. 


The headlines 

The Adria Compact low-profile coachbuilts will be built on the new Fiat cab but otherwise stay the same for 2015. There are two models, the 5.99m-long rear transverse bed SP and the 6.6m-long twin single beds SL. Prices will start at £44,990 (retail price, excluding delivery and OTR charges). 


The popular low-profile Coral received major updates last year (see page 92 of our August 2013 issue). For 2015, it gets the new Fiat cab and the new interior design schemes: Horizon is available on all three trim levels, and Forest only in Supreme and Plus models. Three floorplans are carried forward, the S 670 SL (twin single beds, L-shaped dinette), S 670 SLT (twin single beds, end washroom, L-shaped dinette) and S 690 SC (rear island bed, L-shaped dinette). Coral Access models will cost £48,590 (retail), Coral Plus £52,990 and Coral Supreme £55,990. 


Matrix, Adria’s ‘crossover’ range of low-profiles, has been redeveloped to fit new chassis from Fiat and Renault. The three Matrix Axess models are offered on the Fiat Ducato; the higher-specification Supreme is based on the new Renault Master. Plus level trim has been dropped. 


The new Horizon interior scheme is available at both Axess and Supreme trim levels, with the choice of Horizon and Forest in Supreme models only. Over and above the Axess specification, Supreme models feature Alde wet cental heating. 


Matrix exteriors have been redesigned to give better aerodynamic performance. The front cap height has been reduced by 20mm to give a lower-profile arc, and the height of the rear roof section has been increased by 60mm. The habitation door has grown by 10cm, to 60cm. 


Inside, the drop-down bed has been fully integrated with the lounge, and there’s a full-size roof window. Smart L-shaped kitchens and hotel-style bathrooms complete the interior look. 


Five Matrix floor plans are available: the end-kitchen 590 SG, rear island-bed 670 SC and 687 SBC, twin single beds 670 SL and twin single beds plus end-washroom 687 SLT. Overall lengths start at 5.95m for the 590 SG, and top out at 7.69m for the two 687 models. 


Adria sees the Matrix as a multifunctional motorhome that can be used by all kinds of families – literally ‘one for all’. Retail prices (excluding delivery and OTR charges) start at £45,990 for the Matrix Axess 590 SG, £52,990 for the 670 SC and 670 SL, and £58,990 for the Supreme 687 SBC and 687 SLT. 


Finally, Adria’s Sonic range of A-class ’vans receives 2015’s other significant revamp, after Matrix. Two new layouts are available, the 6.99m-long Axess 600 SP (which brings Axess into the Sonic line-up) with transverse rear bed, and 7.4m-long island-bed Plus 700 SBC. 


Exterior design enhancements include bus-style mirrors for Plus and Supreme models and an optional panoramic window to the front, increasing visibility all round. Habitation door widths have been increased to 60cm. 


Interiors have been upgraded, too. The Horizon interior design scheme can be specified at the Axess and Plus trim levels, while the Forest scheme is also available in Plus trim. The electric drop-down bed in Axess and Plus models is integrated with the window lining, while Plus ’vans receive cupboards under the drop-down bed and an LED-lit splashback in the kitchen. 


The top-of-the-range Supreme has been completely redefined and will be relaunched at Düsseldorf’s Caravan Salon show. It will feature an upgraded Al-Ko chassis and has Alde heating with integrated Alde Smart Control. A new layout, the 7.4m-long 710 SBC, will join the existing 710 SL. 


The Sonic Axess 600 SP will cost £61,990, the two Plus models £64,293 and the existing Supreme 700 SBC and 700 SL £73,990. Prices for the two 710 Supreme models will be released at Caravan Salon. 


The popular Twin range of panel van conversions receives a new interior design in two colours: brown-themed Forest or grey-led Titan. Design tweaks include a smart new control panel and magnetic fresh water and 230V outlet covers. Comfort in the lounge has been improved, thanks to a slide-out dinette seat and dinette table extension, plus a more secure floor mount for the table leg. 


In addition, the 6.36m-long 640 SLX (£42,990 retail) gets new side windows in the bedroom. A mosquito net for the sliding door is available as a cost option on the 5.99m-long 600 SP (£39,990) and the 640 SLX. Four body colours will be available in the UK, including metallic finishes – check with your nearest Adria dealer. 


In other news… 

Adria’s 2015 prices are benchmarked against its main rivals to make them more competitive, and the firm has changed how option packs work. 


Base vehicle options from last season’s ‘All Inclusive’ pack have been put into the Driver’s Pack (£1699). Habitation options from ‘All Inclusive’ – including cab blinds, an entrance step and a flyscreen – are part of the Golden Edition pack included in the price of each motorhome. Metallic paint costs £889 extra. 


Matrix and Sonic also benefit from the new Comprex construction method, which combines the torsional strength of wood and the durability of polyurethane (PU), while reducing overall weight by 5%. 


Must-see 2015 ’van: Matrix Supreme 687 SBC 

An interesting motorhome in many ways, and not just because it’s based on the latest version of the Renault Master. The layout features a rear island bed with an en-suite washroom that’s split across the middle of the ’van and can be closed off from the spacious lounge area, which features a drop-down bed. This makes it very similar to the Chausson Welcome 640 EB.


There are five travel seats and Alde heating is fitted under the floor for maximum comfort. Storage space is very generous, with space under the island bed and in the garage at the rear, and the interior has a bright and airy aspect thanks to a rooflight and skylight in the lounge.


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