Tribute motorhomes’ new look for 2018 is very much part of this year’s trend for unifying brands.

But there’s more to it than that.

The Trigano Group company is also putting forward a price offering for the new season that it hopes will be attractive to budget-conscious families in particular.

The headlines

Both Tribute van conversions and coachbuilts are now built at Auto-Trail’s factory near Grimsby in Lincolnshire.

Partly to advertise this fact, but also to bring about some brand cohesion, all 2018 models will be labelled ‘Tribute by Auto-Trail’.

The ‘Auto-Trail’ name will be emblazoned across the front of the motorhomes, with the Tribute name relegated to the ‘T’ that makes up the name of the model on the rear corner.

But it’s not just about the name: this year Auto-Trail is also selling the seven-strong Tribute coachbuilt range in a de-specced version without the Driver’s Pack and Lux Pack, and with the metallic grey cab only offered as a cost option.

Auto-Trail hopes that with such an offer, those who go for the ’van without these packs and with only a plain white driver’s cab, will be getting a 3500kg motorhome that can still potentially have six travel seats.

Just as importantly, the stripped-down coachbuilt will have an on-the-road starting price of £42,050.

The changes

For 2018, coachbuilt Tributes remain as a seven-strong range. This consists of four ’vans available as a two- or four-berth: the end-kitchen T-615 and T-620, the rear-lounge T-625 and the French-bed T-715.

Then there are three more models that can be four- or six-berths: the twin-lounge T-720 and T-736, and the fixed-twin-single-beds T-726.

All seven ’vans come on a Fiat Ducato chassis, powered by 2.3-litre, Euro 6-compliant engines with either 130, 150 or 180hp.

The £1499 Driver’s Pack includes cab air conditioning, cruise-control and speed limiter, steering wheel controls for the radio and telephone, a passenger airbag, a spare wheel with underslung carrier, cab carpets, swivelling cab seats and a colour rear-view camera.

In addition, the £1499 Lux Pack, which is only available on Tribute coachbuilts, includes a microwave, a central locking habitation door with a waste bin and umbrella with holder, a 230V blown air heating and hot water upgrade, an Omnivent roof fan, an electric step, removable carpets and a TV aerial.

Van conversions

The Tribute van conversion range, which starts at £40,800 OTR, continues with three models: the two-berth T-670 and T-680, and the four-berth T-669.

The dinette in the T-680 has been expanded, but the ’van retains the same layout as the other two, with a front dinette and a parallel lounge set-up at the rear.

You only get the £1499 Driver’s Pack as an option here, although the Fiat Ducato, 2.3-litre, Euro 6 engine is available in four states of tune: 115, 130, 150 and 180hp.

Upholstery and worktops have been upgraded for the 2018-season in all Tribute ’vans.

In other news

Auto-Trail hopes that de-speccing Tribute coachbuilts will make them attractive not just to families looking for a better deal, but also to motorhome hire companies.

If this proves to be true, we could see many more of them on the road.

2018 Tribute motorhomes at a glance

Van conversions:

  • Tribute T-669 – 4 berths, 4 seats, rear lounge, 5.99m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £40,800
  • Tribute T-670 – 2 berths, 4 seats, rear lounge, 5.99m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £40,800
  • Tribute T-680 – 2 berths, 4 seats, rear lounge, 6.36m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £41,484


  • Tribute T-615 – 2-4 berths, 2 seats, end kitchen, 6.34m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £42,050
  • Tribute T-620 – 2-4 berths, 4 seats, end kitchen, 6.34m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £42,930
  • Tribute T-625 – 2-4 berths, 2 seats, rear lounge, 6.34m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £42,050
  • Tribute T-715 – 2-4 berths, 2 seats, French bed, 7.06m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £44,370
  • Tribute T-710 – 4-6 berths, 4 seats, rear lounge, 7.06m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £45,248
  • Tribute T-726 – 4-6 berths, 4-6 seats, bunk beds, 7.06m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £45,248
  • Tribute T-736 – 4-6 berths, 4-6 seats, rear lounge, 7.25m long, 2.3-litre Fiat Ducato, £45,780