A pre-owned van can give you a brilliant touring experience at a bargain price. To help you choose the best motorhome for you, we’re taking a look at some of the standout pre-owned motorhomes to have featured in Gentleman Jack’s Practical Motorhome reports.

Auto-Sleeper Harmony 1995-2003

The Auto-Sleeper Harmony (1995-2003) parked up

First launched on the previous Boxer incarnation, the Harmony was so successful it transferred to the new Boxer for the 1995 model year.

It had fascia gearchange and was the first motorhome chassis to offer PAS (power-assisted steering) as standard on all right-hand-drive models.

Auto-Sleepers managed to squeeze in four travel seats, a well-equipped kitchen and a washroom complete with a full shower. Blown-air space heating and dual-fuel water heating were standard equipment.

There was a choice of converting the lounge into two easy-access singles, or a rather fiddly-to-make large double. An additional cost-option replaced the overcab lockers with a well-built fold-out high-level double.


  • Auto-Sleeper Harmony on SWB Peugeot Boxer X/44 five-door panel van
  • Built 1995-2003 in Willersey, Gloucestershire
  • Overall length: 4.88m

What to look out for

Check that the gearchange is smooth and the synchromesh effective. Look out for corrosion, and make sure you have an HPI check done.

Our pick

Buy on condition rather than age, and go for a model that provides the high-level bed.

Guide price: £13,000 to £17,000

Tribute coachbuilts (on Ford Transit) 2009-2015

Tribute coachbuilts (on a Ford Transit)

Tributes have always had practical layouts and given value for money. Models were divided by overall length into two series: the 600s and 700s. All are front-wheel drive, with Ford’s 2.2-litre Puma engine.

Early models were all Luton overcabs with clean lines, and Auto-Trail offered two upgrade packs: Drivers and Lux. These were soon replaced with a higher basic spec and a new Sports Pack.

The lounge of the 'van with breakfast on the table

Low-line overcabs (model specific) arrived in 2011. The T-715 replaced the high-level transverse bed of the T-725 with a longitudinal low-level French double bed, and a washroom and walk-in shower cubicle adjacent.

All of the models continued until 2015, when the decision was made to switch to Fiat Ducato.


  • Tribute coachbuilts on Ford Transit chassis-cab
  • Built 2009-2015 in Grimsby, north-east Lincolnshire
  • Low-profile and Luton overcab coachbuilts
  • Overall length: 6.2m to 6.9m

What to look out for

Listen closely when turning off engine. Any clatter might indicate dual mass flywheel is beginning to fail.

Our pick

  • T-610 as a compact two-berth, or T-715 for the permanent French bed.
  • Guide price: From £28,000

Hymer B-Class (on Fiat Ducato/Citroën C25 & Peugeot J9) 1986-1994

The Hymer B-Class (on Fiat Ducato/Citroën C25 & Peugeot J9) parked on a clear day with ice on the ground

Confusingly, what Hymer called B-class have been what we call A-class. With the latter, the converters build their own bodywork onto the chassis from the floor upwards.

The 694 appeared in 1989. Shorter models include the 534 (rear U-shaped lounge), 544 (forward Pullman dinette with sofas opposite) and 564 (forward Pullman dinette ahead of a sizeable washroom). The mid-length 644 added a fixed low-level transverse double bed at the far rear. The flagship 694 was a stretched version of the 644.

The fact that most of these models were left-hand-drive just seemed to increase their desirability.

The lounge of the Hymer B-Class

All had an additional drop-down transverse bed in the cab as standard and, as well as their suitability for European roads, another advantage
of opting for a left-hand-drive model was a far better gearchange.


  • Hymer B-Class on Fiat Ducato/Peugeot J9 SWB and LWB chassis-cowl and on Fiat Ducato cowl/Al-Ko tandem-axle chassis
  • Built 1986-1994 in Bad Waldsee, south-western Germany
  • All A-class integral coachbuilts
  • Overall length, 500 series: 5.64m, 644 series: 6.68m, 694 series: 7.24m

What to look out for

Full service history is desirable, and evidence of recent engine drive belt changes essential.

Our pick

534 for solos/couples, 544 for families. The 694 is apt for full-timing. If funds permit, go for a late, smooth-sided model with power-assisted steering.

Guide price: From £9000

Bilbo’s Celex & Nexa (on VW Transporter T5) 2003-2015

Bilbo’s Celex & Nexa (on VW Transporter T5)

Bilbo’s has been converting Volkswagen Transporters since 1977, offering a range tailored to UK buyers with the side sliding door on the UK nearside.

Celex has the traditional VW camper layout of twin swivelling cab seats, with a double rock and roll seat/bed located at the rear.

Nexa has two forward-facing travel seats either side of the aisle, which partner the swivelled cab seats to form a lounge-diner or two single beds.

The lounge of the Bilbo’s Celex & Nexa (on VW Transporter T5)

Each model was available in any VW colour, on short- or long-wheelbase variants, and with a high-top or either of the two elevating-roofs.

In 2009, all engines became 2.0-litre common-rail injection turbodiesels, and a seven-speed DSG (direct shift gearbox) was introduced.


  • Bilbo’s Celex and Nexa on VW Transporter T5
  • Built from 2003 to 2015 in Godstone, Surrey
  • All-steel panel van with side- or rear-hinged canvas-sided elevating-roof, GRP high-top or steel high-top
  • Overall length: – short wheelbase: 4.9m, long wheelbase: 5.3m

What to look out for

Check for recent replacement of engine drive belts and insist coolant is VW’s own product. Lift and lower roof to check operation and no mildew.

Our pick

We’d opt for low-lie side-hinged elevating-roof and use it as our only vehicle, with DSG (auto) if possible.

Guide price: From £22,000

Swift Rio 2014-2018

The Swift Rio parked up

When it first launched in 2014, Rio was very well-received by the motorhome cognoscenti, garnering numerous favourable reviews.

The launch offer was a brace of ’vans, the 320 and 340. The 320s offered two sleeping berths (as two single beds or a transverse double), whereas the 340 had a shorter rear lounge that could be converted to a transverse double bed, and a forward half-dinette providing two extra travel seats.

In 2016, the 310 and the 340 joined the line-up, and the drop-down bed was an option on the 320.

Two adults enjoying breakfast in the Swift Rio

The 310 positioned the parallel-sofa lounge at the front, with a full-width changing room/shower/washroom at the rear. The 325 had a forward half-dinette, with a midships kitchen and washroom ahead of an adjustable-height transverse fixed double bed over the garage.


  • Swift Rio on Fiat Ducato low-line SWB and MWB chassis-cab
  • Built from 2014 to 2018 in Cottingham, East Yorkshire

Low-profile coachbuilt

Overall length – 310/325: 5.99m, 320/340: 6.4m

What to look out for

There was a problem with the poor visibility of the instrument nacelle on bright days. Check that the recall has been carried out – there should have been a rewire so the instrument backlighting operates at all times.

Our pick

The 320 if the option to sleep in single beds is important, or the 340 if four travel seats are required.

Guide price: £40,000 to £55,000

Elddis Voyager 1990-1995

A parked Elddis Voyager

In the 1990s, Elddis was enjoying huge success with its upper mid-market three-model Voyager range.

All were the same length, with the Voyager II and III placing the entrance door behind the rear axle, whereas on Voyager I it was ahead of it.

Voyager II was the most popular by a small margin and offered four adult berths, plus a travel seat for each.

The kitchen and lounge of the Elddis Voyager

Voyager III was similar, although it replaced the Pullman dinette with an inward-facing sofa and had only four sleeping berths and two travel seats.

Family favourite was the Voyager I, with an inspired layout featuring six sleeping berths (three doubles) and six designated travel seats. The clever layouts and good spec facilitated all-year-round touring in the UK.


  • Elddis Voyager on long-wheelbase Talbot Express chassis-cab
  • Built 1990-1995 in Consett, County Durham
  • Overcab coachbuilt
  • Overall length: 6.28m

What to look out for

Check the cab area very carefully for corrosion, especially below the windscreen pillars, and under the bonnet, around the bulkhead behind the engine.

Our pick

For couples, Voyager III; for those who like a dinette, Voyager II; Voyager I appeals to larger families.

Guide price: £5000-plus

Auto-Sleeper Nuevo 2015-present

The Auto-Sleeper Nuevo parked by the coast

Nuevo was first unveiled in 2002 to fill a gap in the range, which was lacking a compact coachbuilt. Currently, the offer consists of two layouts: the EK, with facing sofas; and the ES, with two additional belted seats at the rear.

Both have the same offside wardrobe ahead of the corner washroom with swing-wall shower compartment. The kitchen is common to both, as are the swivelling cab seats.

The lounge of the Auto-Sleeper Nuevo, with the front seats swivelled inwards

The original base vehicle was the 130bhp Peugeot Boxer, but for the crop featured here, the default choice was the 150bhp Euro 5 engine, followed by the 160bhp Euro 6.

Currently, the Fiat automatic option with 160bhp engine is £3000 extra, so expect to have to pay a premium for a pre-owned example.


  • Auto-Sleeper Nuevo on Peugeot Boxer (Fiat Ducato optional)
  • Built 2015 to present in Willersey, near Broadway, Gloucestershire
  • Overcab low-profile and Luton coachbuilt
  • Overall length: 5.75m

What to look out for

Look for a full service history, and for those buying newer examples, check warranty documentation is present.

Our pick

If this is to be your ‘only’ vehicle, the ES, because of the extra travel seats. The Ducato if you want automatic transmission. Don’t buy a Nuevo without the Premium Pack.

Guide price: From £50,000, although previous generations are much cheaper.

Itineo A-class range 2007-2013

The Itineo A-class range

A range designed to appeal to younger, less well-off buyers with families. These motorhomes were affordable, and weighed no more than 3500kg. The initial range consisted of six models over three lengths.

As with all of the launch range, the compact TD 610 features a forward lounge ahead of the midships kitchen, with two doubles located transversely.

The LB 690 replaces the transverse rear bed of the 610 with a low-level fixed longitudinal bed, while the biggest seller, the CD720, has a low-level island double bed.

The lounge and kitchen of the Itineo A-class range

The 2009 season saw three new 740 models. The MB 740 had a low-level island double bed at the far end, and the JB 740 replaced the rear double with two longitudinal single beds, whereas the TB 740 provided a high-level permanent transverse double bed.


  • Itineo A-class range on Fiat Ducato LWB chassis-cowl and on tractor unit with Al-Ko Kober chassis extensions
  • Built 2007-2013 in Beaucouzé, western France
  • A-class integral coachbuilt
  • Overall length: 6.1m (TB 610) to 8.0m (MB 800/TB 800)

What to look out for

On some models, there are no rearward chassis extensions behind the rear axle. As a result, the floor is unsupported for a considerable distance. Go to the far rear and check for any ‘give’ in the floor and listen for groans from there while driving on uneven surfaces. Walk away if you spot either of these.

Our pick

If you require a full-height garage, go for the TB 610. Otherwise, we think the CD 720 is an outstandingly practical design.

Guide price: Previously from £28,500 (TB 610), although none is currently being advertised.

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