ALK has launched a new version of its CoPilot satnav app for Android smartphones. CoPilot Live Premium (technically version 9 of the app) is available now and the UK & Ireland edition currently costs £12.49 as part of a time-limited offer.

CoPilot Live Premium adds a number of new features, including an up-front selection of up to three different routes for each planned journey — older versions of the app could plot alternative routes, but only after a route had been plotted. Mapped routes can also be modified by dragging and dropping the on-screen map marker to use or avoid specific areas or road sections.

Routes can be plotted that are suitable for cars, bicycles, motorbikes and RVs, but there’s no specific caravan option, or any way to enter a vehicle’s size and dimensions, which unfortunately makes CoPilot Live Premium of limited use to caravanners and owners of large motorhomes (CoPilot Live Truck Europe is required for that, which is only available for the iPhone for £140).

There is a new walking mode that presents a different map view when on foot though, plus a ‘parking’ option that saves you current position and then shows you how to get back to it.

The inevitable Facebook and Twitter support have also crept into this version of the app, so you can share your journeys with friends on social networking sites. Real-time traffic reports with automatic re-routing is still an optional extra, though.

CoPilot Live Premium for iPhone and iPad will also be available shortly, so you were thinking of buying the current CoPilot Live 8, it’s worth holding off for a while.

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