A new weighbridges app has just been launched to help you keep your motorhome or caravan road-legal.


Traffic Media UK launches an app to benefit all

road users, providing details on over 500 weighbridges in the UK.


The new app,

Weighbridges for iOS, will provide the first mobile phone guide to weighbridges in

the UK.


It uses the mapping

and GPS features of the iPhone to locate the closest public weighbridge.


UK motorcaravaners and caravanners will

find this an invaluable service, as it is important to ensure that the vehicle stays within the legal weight limit, whether you are driving a well-loaded motorhome or towing a caravan stacked up with the full kit you need for a family.


Knowing the weight of

your vehicle will also help to understand the towing and handling capability of

your vehicle, making it easier and more enjoyable to drive.


Save fuel

It also has an impact on

your fuel economy, with heavy tows using more fuel. The heavier your ‘van, the

more wear and tear you will have, especially on tyres of the motorhome, or a tow car and

caravan. To reduce the upkeep costs, it could be very useful

to keep an eye on the weight.


This new app can tell

you where over 500 weighbridges are, many of which provide free weighing. It

will tell you the location, opening times, contact details and the weighbridge

capacity and size.


The search can be

either by name of facility, location or distance from your location and are

displayed on the iPhone’s integrated map to make it easy to work out your route.


To make it even more

user-friendly, one-touch dialling can be used to call ahead for advanced

booking or to check the services offered.


As more weighbridge

owners register their details, the number of facilities will grow.


The app is part of the

Traffic Media UK series of solutions, which is developing a comprehensive suite

of traffic apps for road-users in the UK.



Bryony Symes