I TOOK MY 12-year-old niece Kate to the Spring Caravan and Camping show at the weekend. I asked her if she wanted to come and she leapt out of bed excitedly.

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Niece Kate loved the VW Birchover Conversion


This surprised me but then I started to think of how I’d always wanted (but never got) an a Bluebird A La Carte Kitchen in the 80s and it all clicked into place. It’s the nesting instinct in all of us. The bossy instinct in me decided to put Kate to work. 


I asked her to pick her favourite motorhomes and tell me why. This is what she said:


VW Birchover Conversion

“I really like the colour of the unusual bright orange colour of this. It just looks really cool and would be fun to take on a seaside holiday”

At £44,154, it is likely Kate would be saving up her pocket money for some time. But if you’re after a smart ‘van with a kitchen and storage at the same side and extra features such as a barrel fronted door that hides the fridge and grill, this could be it. With such brightly coloured options, you’ll definitely stand out.
Buy it from Hillside Leisure


Wheelhome Vikenze

“This is so cute! I love how you can reach everything from wherever you are. I can’t believe you can fit this whole kitchen into this van.”


Another conversion chosen by niece Kate and it’s easy to see why this would appeal to the smaller people as you’d struggle to sleep two adults but if it’s just you and a little one, it’s perfect. The bunk bed is really comfy though. Practical Motorhomes’ Kate Taylor liked it too.

Buy it from Wheelhome; 01277 822 208 


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Kate enjoying the view from the Pilote


Pilote A Class Reference

“This is so luxurious and the bed is comfy. It’s just like being in a house and I love the big window so you can see what’s going on.”

I was surprised when Kate chose this as it’s so much bigger than the other two she liked but I can see why it would appeal. More bachelor-pad than ‘van, it’s definitely luxurious. Available on a Fiat or Mercedes chassis. Find out more from Pilote.

Buy at Hayes Leisure 


Words by Clare Kelly


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