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You’ll probably need a £100 million Euromillions Lottery win before you can even think about buying it, but the Elemment [sic] Palazzo looks like it raises the bar for luxury motorhomes by some considerable margin.

On the outside, it looks like something that might lift off from Tracey Island rather than pull over at Scratchwood Services and we’re not quite sure of the front visibility offered by the bizarre circular windscreen.

Still, there’s always the automatic ‘flybridge lounge’ that emerges from the roof that a travelling companion can perch on when it comes to reversing onto a pitch.

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The inside is similarly opulent, though perhaps more to the taste of a touring rockstar and their entourage rather than a family of four off for a weekend away.

As for the price, German manufacturer Marchi neglects to mention it on its web site, so we suspect it’s definitely a case of if you have to ask…

[Elemment Palazzo]