If you’re the proud owner of a stack of old Practical Motorhome magazines that you want to hang on to for reference, but don’t need constant access to, here’s an idea for making them earn their keep in the meantime.

The Hockenheimer is a clever combination of carpentry and upholstery that converts a stack of magazines into a place to sit. It’s little more than a block of wood for a base, a cushion to sit on and a couple of straps to tie the whole thing together.

The result is probably a little too heavy to move around too much, but if you want to keep your cherished Practical Motorhome back issues to hand, it’s a neat solution — and one that shouldn’t be too difficult to make yourself in no time if you don’t fancy dealing with the German manufacturer. You could probably fix it so that the straps go underneath the cushion, too…

On a similar note, Helsinki-based designer Jacob Schenk has come up with an innovative way to turn any flat object into a table. It’s called the Tick Clip and consists of a couple of sprung steel legs that are designed in such a way that they can be clipped to each end of a slab of material.

The Tick Clip isn’t for sale just yet, but you can register your interest online if you fancy spending €60 (around £54) on a set.

[via Core77 | Treehugger]