Cloud storage’ is all the rage these days — it means storing files on the internet rather than your own computer, which means they can be accessed from just about anywhere where there’s an internet connection.

It offers an easy way to share files too, since you can just email someone a link to a file on your cloud storage service rather than email it, leaving the other person to download it at their leisure.

There are quite a few cloud storage services and most offer a free service with a few gigabytes of space to get you started. That may be enough for most people, but anyone who wants more must usually pay for it.

Not so with This highly regarded cloud storage service is currently offering 50GB of storage space at no extra cost to anyone who accesses the service with its free new app for Android smartphones.

The free upgrade is available to both new (you can register with the app) and existing users — the only proviso is that you must use the latest version of the Android app to sign in at least once, even if you only ever using on a PC from then on. Don’t delay in taking advantage of the offer though, since it’s only availble until midnight on 23 March. runs these 50GB promotions on a regular basis, so don’t worry if you don’t have (or can’t borrow) and Android smartphone to take advantage of this particular free offer.

It offered the same deal to iPad and iPhone users at the end of last year, for example, so keep an eye on its blog page for news of other freebies.