Fiat is recalling some of its 2017 Ducatos after admitting that there may be a potential problem with the vehicle’s EGR system.

The Italian firm, which dominates the coachbuilt-motorhome base vehicle market, says it started a recall on all Fiat Professional Ducatos with a Euro 6 2.3-litre engine produced before August 2017 “to avoid any damage arising from potential non-conformity of the high-pressure EGR system’s pipe”.

EGR (exhaust-gas recirculation) systems are designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by recirculating some of the exhaust gas back into the engine’s cylinders.

Fiat says the recall, which started in November last year, involves checking and repairing systems and, in some cases, repairing parts.

Reported delays

The length of time that affected vehicles are taking to be assessed, and the lack of available parts to fix the problem, has begun to cause some complaints on Practical Motorhome’s forum and social media channels.

Some motorcaravanners tell us that they have been unable to use their vehicle for several weeks – or even months – because of a delay in parts coming from Italy.

However, Fiat insists its dealer network has the highest commitment to keeping delays short and customers informed.

In a statement, it said: “Fiat-Chrysler is working to maximise parts availability and enhance customer-care support.”

In addition, a spokesman for Fiat told Practical Motorhome: “All owners will be contacted but as this concerns motorhomes we are reliant on the converters providing us with the customer data, so it is possible some owners might not receive a letter.”

We have also been told that production of the valves has been increased by the supplier.

Fiat tells us it is now making significant progress and describes it as “an improving situation”, and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Customers who think their vehicle is included in the recall can check the Fiat Camper website, or contact the Camper Team at its Customer Services Centre on 00800 3428 1111 – you’ll need your ’van’s VIN.

Practical Motorhome will continue to monitor this situation.