Sylvia Guy and her husband Don have been Practical Motorhome reader team members for many years; here they pass on their experience, coming up with an A to Z of just some of the fantastic destinations that they’ve visited in their ‘van.


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P is for …

Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

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One of our favourite destinations is the Costa Verde in northern Spain and in particular the glorious mountains of the Picos de Europa. Whilst the peaks of the Picos might not be as high as the Pyrenees they certainly rival those mountains for their beauty. It is wonderful place to explore with an amazing variety of scenery; craggy peaks, tumbling rivers and attractive villages such as Potes, Arenas de Cabrales and the tiny Treviso set deep in the mountains.

Q is for…

Don Quixote, La Mancha, Central Spain

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Cervantes’ story of the adventures of this ancient knight is set against the backdrop of the vast plain of La Mancha with its farms, vineyards and of course the windmills which Don Quixote famously charged at mistaking them for giants. We found that the best place to see these is at Consuegra south of Toledo. The road from the town winds up to the crest of a hill where eleven magnificent windmills are strung out along the ridge and below the great plain stretches away in every direction.

R is for…

Rievaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire Moors

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Don and I are both fans of the novelist CJ Sansom and his stories of medieval England and Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the monasteries, so a visit to Rievaulx Abbey was a must for us. Sheltered by the wooded banks of the River Rye this great Cistercian Abbey was once home to around 600 monks and lay brothers but in 1538 the King demanded its closure. He also ordered that the buildings were to be stripped of their valuables and made uninhabitable. However, despite all this destruction, even today enough of the ruins remain to give some idea of the size and splendour of this magnificent abbey.


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