Sylvia Guy and her husband Don have been Practical Motorhome reader team members for many years; here they pass on their experience, coming up with an A to Z of just some of the fantastic destinations that they’ve visited in their ‘van.


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M is for …

Montsegur, Languedoc, Southern France

Montsegur Memorial

Of the many Cathar castles that dot the landscape of the Languedoc in Southern France, for us Montsegur is perhaps the most haunting. It was here in March 1244, after a siege lasting ten months, that some 220 members of this religious group were burned at the stake for refusing to renounce their faith. The castle itself is now a ruin but at the foot of the hill there is a memorial to these martyrs which even today is still decorated with fresh flowers.


N is for…

New Forest, Hampshire

New Forest

The New Forest is a place that Don and I would happily return to again and again. For us it is somewhere to relax, to enjoy long walks in the forest or to simply sit and watch the ponies grazing peacefully. If we’re feeling more energetic then a trip to nearby Lymington is on the cards. There we’ll wander around the shops and the harbour and perhaps buy some seafood for tea. Of course the New Forest is also a great place for families and we’ve enjoyed some good times there with our grandchildren.


O is for …

Ornans, Franche-Comte, France


Looking for somewhere to stop for a couple of days on our way home from a trip to Italy, we happened upon the Loue River Valley and the charming town of Ornans. It is a picturesque place with ancient balconied houses overhanging the river and flower-decked bridges. Just a short ride up on the cliff top is St Georges Chapel and Belvedere with splendid views of the surrounding countryside. As we’d hoped, with a campsite just on the outskirts of town, Ornans proved to be an ideal place to chill out for a while.



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