Canada is the second largest country in the world, with an area of 3.85 million square miles and a population of more than 38.5 million people. Three out of 20 adults in Canada own an RV, and an estimated 8.8 million trips made in RVs last year.

Here, I’m taking a look at some of the different RVs of Canada, but if you’re looking for a way to clean your own, don’t miss our best RV roof cleaners and best wax for an RV guides, where we share our standout picks on the market.


1980 Triple E Empress A-class
A 1980 6.71m (22ft) Triple E Empress A-class

Triple E of Manitoba is the oldest volume producer of Canadian ’vans still trading. The company was started by PW Enns in 1965. Pictured above is a 1980 6.71m (22ft) Triple E Empress A-class, the first A-class designed and built in Canada. The photo was taken in one of Canada’s many truly spectacular National Parks. A motorcaravanner’s dream!

Truck campers

Truck camper
A truck campers

Truck campers (known as demountables in the UK) have a big following in Canada, with sales accounting for 25% of all leisure vehicles. Northern Lite produces a wide range of bodies to fit pick-up trucks. They are all very well built and feature a strong, leak-resistant, moulded GRP body, with quality furnishings inside. The guide price in Canadian dollars is from C$58,000 (£35,000).

Elevating roofs

Pleasure-Way Tofino
A Pleasure-Way Tofino

Elevating-roof motorcaravans are gaining ground over traditional B-class high-top van conversions. This is a Pleasure-Way Tofino; it’s really compact at just 5.41m (17’ 9”) long, thus eminently suitable for use as an ‘only vehicle’. Pleasure-Way was started by RV dealer Merv Rumpel, who wanted a better-quality conversion to sell. The firm is based in Saskatchewan and prices its conversions in US dollars, in this case, $94,250 (£75,500).


Roadtrek Play on RAM Promaster
A Roadtrek Play on RAM Promaster

Roadtrek is probably the best-known Canadian RV manufacturer in the UK. Reasons for this include the vast number of them left behind by US and Canadian Forces when homeward-bound from UK bases. In addition, they were previously based on the (then) desirable US ‘muscle’ vans, with their signature hinged double side doors. This is a Roadtrek Play on RAM Promaster.

Canadian B-Class motorhomes

XL Flex
The XL Flex

Canadian B-Class motorhomes were (almost) exclusively based on Chevrolet and (US) Ford vans. The RAM Promaster (basically a Fiat Ducato with a big petrol engine) changed this and now firms such as Quebec-based Safari Condo are also using the full-sized Transit, Ford’s first truly global van. Pictured above is the XL Flex, which carries a price tag
of C$156,749 (£93,500).


The H3 4VIP

Prevost has been a highly regarded coach designer and builder for almost 100 years, and it provides the RV chassis/body, but doesn’t convert them. Instead, the first purchaser can choose from its highly skilled subcontractors. Most Prevost RVs are bespoke, although the firm does have a range of models for dealer stock, such as the H3 4VIP pictured above: 13.72m (45ft) long, with rear steering axles.

Conversion Kits

Malibu 4 Campervan Kit
The Malibu 4 Campervan Kit

Removable modular conversions for small vehicles are becoming popular with first-timers seeking an environmentally friendly and low-cost way to tour. Freeway is based in Quebec and this is its Malibu 4 Campervan Kit, which is designed for vehicles similar to the Kia Sedona. Price: C$4000 (£2400).

Triple E Today

A Merc Sprinter-based, champagne-coloured moulded GRP Serenity

We’ve come full circle, returning to Triple E. It has moved with the times, away from boxy gas-guzzling A-class offerings, now concentrating on C-class, design-led coachbuilts since
its 2008 takeover of Leisure Travel Vans. This Merc Sprinter-based, champagne-coloured moulded GRP Serenity is just gorgeous. Not a right-angle join or sharp edge in sight. Interior’s stunning as well!

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