Autoquests, the ‘vans behind the Marquis Majestic, simply fly out of the showrooms because they are very good lightweight ‘vans. All feature appealing, practical and easy-to-live-in layouts – as well as a travel seat for each sleeping berth.

Add to the Autoquest ‘mix’ a raft of useful and popular extras and a more powerful engine, at only a fraction of their cost if you specified each item individually, and you have the essence of Majestic’s remarkable reign.

This generation of Majestic’s kicked off in 2010 with eight models: three Luton high-line overcabs and five low-profile overcabs.

This generation of Majestic started with a slab-sided Luton and low-profile overcab…

The Majestic 100 didn’t last long and was replaced by the 165. The remainder continued to 2005, with the majority still in production today.

The front-lounge 5.7m/18’9″-long 115 two-berth is the baby of the range. Next are the rear-lounge, two-berth 120 and 140. The latter provides longer settees than the former, facilitating the choice of sleeping in two single beds or an overall double. The 130 and 145 are both Luton overcab four-berths.

The final trio all stretched the tape to 7.2m/23’7″. The Majestic 155 has a centrally placed kitchen ahead of a low-level rear corner double bed, with the shower room alongside. Swivelled cab seats join the lounge.

… but then changed to a more stylish low-profile moulded unit for the 2016 model year

The 165 is similar to the 155, except that one of the settees in the lounge is replaced by a half-dinette, adding two rear travel seats The six-berth 180 completes the initial offer. Motive power was courtesy of Ford’s Puma engine to Euro 5.

Variants 115, 155 and 180 continued, but were joined by two completely new models.

The 175 (7.12m/23’5″) was a palatial front-lounge two-berth, fitted with a ‘mine’s-bigger-than-yours’ kitchen and full-width rear washroom and changing room, containing a separate walk-in shower cubicle.

Majestic 175 has a separate walk-in shower cubicle

The slightly longer four-berth 185’s USP was a pair of low-level, easily accessed single beds, ahead of the full-width washroom. Finally, the 195 was really a low-profile, four-berth version of the 180.

More recently, the 194 was added to the line-up. It featured two singles/convertible double permanent sleeping accommodation above a garage. Also, the six-berth 196 replaced the 180.

For Euro 6, the engine changed to Peugeot’s built-in house 2.0-litre TD unit, and for Euro 6D, capacity was increased to 2.2 litres.

Majestics are unique among the Autoquest dealer specials, in that they arrive with the most powerful Boxer engine fitted as standard – this is not even an option on other specials, or on standard Autoquests.

In 2012, Elddis introduced SoLiD (Strong Light and Dry) construction – a revolutionary method of assembling the coachbuilt body. Instead of using standard fixings, the sides and roof are bonded together with exceptionally strong Henkel adhesives. This has enabled the manufacturer to offer an industry-leading 10-year body integrity warranty as standard.

Hardwood framed flat locker doors (2012 Majestic 120)…

In addition, all of these Majestics offer a generous amount of storage, a result of Elddis specifying underfloor Whale space and water heaters freeing up space below the seat lockers and in the bottom of the wardrobe.

Finally, it’s worth bearing in mind that the gorgeous little 115 provides a large double bed, spacious washroom and all mod cons, all within a footprint a great deal smaller than that of most high-top panel van conversions.

… were upgraded to more contemporary curved ones, with contrasting finger panels (2018 Majestic 185)


Base vehicle

No real problems, just look for a full service history and evidence that the engine drive belts have been changed at the correct time interval, and that the tyres aren’t past their use-by date.

If buying an ex-hire example, it is worth double-checking that the gears change smoothly, with no ‘noises off’.

On longer models, take a very close look at the far rear of the vehicle, to check for evidence of poorly repaired ‘grounding’ damage. If you can see any signs of this, walk away.


Later six-berths replaced the Luton overcab bed with this one that drops down over the lounge

Check carefully for smooth operation in all of the seat-to-bed conversions and the blinds/flyscreens.

To preserve the vehicle’s warranty, it is essential that there is evidence of a water ingress inspection by an approved engineer, conducted annually. Make sure this is in place.

On older examples, buyers should also budget for having the smoke alarm replaced. To all, add a fire extinguisher and blanket.


The compact 115 is not only brilliant, it seems to question the laws of physics – the interior looks bigger than the exterior!

For a two-berth, the short ‘n’ sweet Majestic 115. Family favourite: the Majestic 180 or 196.


Ex-hire examples from just shy of £30,000. Available privately from £32,000 (under £30,000 pre-Covid!). TC Motorhomes has a 2011 six-berth Majestic 180 at £32,995 (39,329 miles). West Country Motorhomes is offering a ‘good-as-new’ 2015, low-milage, facelifts 115 for a sharp £35,995 (new RRP is £50,995).


Marquis Majestics on Elddis Accordo or Encore. Other Autoquest dealer specials from competitor retailers (take a look at Cheaper alternative: an earlier Majestic based on an Autocruise, available from under £20,000.


  • Marquis Majestic dealer specials on Elddis Autoquest/Peugeot Boxer Tempo Libero chassis-cab
  • Built 2010-present in Consett, County Durham, UK, 2010-2015, Luton and Low-line overcab coachbuilts; 2016 onwards, low-line overcab coachbuiltes
  • Overall length – Majestic 115 5.7m (18’8″) to Majestic 185/914/196 7.34m (24’1″)


  • Well-executed, appealing layouts
  • Champion value for money
  • Comprehensive spec
  • All under 3500kg
  • Very popular when new, so plenty of pre-owned vehicles available


  • No automatic transmission option
  • Long rear overhang on some models

All Majestics arrive with upgrades above standard Elddis Autoquest specification:

  • Metallic paint to cab and matching graphics
  • Exclusive soft furnishing fabrics
  • Most powerful Boxer engine
  • Cab air-con
  • Cruise control
  • Touchscreen Bluetooth DAB radio/MP3/sat-nav head-unit
  • Conversion intruder alarm with GPS tracker
  • Exterior barbecue socket
  • Exterior shower point
  • Rear-vision camera
  • Solar panel
  • Dual-fuel hob
  • Cab blinds
  • One year free insurance (T&Cs apply)

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