Don’t let payload scare you away from adding some home comforts to your motorhome. There are so many lightweight options that can make life on tour easier and more comfortable, as well as more fun!

Whether you’re looking for gift inspiration or just want to add some colour to your camper, our list of quirky motorhome accessories is sure to have something for you!

  • If you’re after a gift for a tech-savvy tourer or building up your own kit, have a look at some of our favourite campervan gadgets.

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Sure to bring out the competitive side of any camper, this card game is simple yet captivating. You’ll need to make sure your eyes are peeled with this game of observation, reflexes and speed. The quirky game can be played by 1-on-1 or with up to 8 players and doesn’t require any equipment other than the cards included.

There are 5 possible games to play with the same set of cards, all incredibly simple and based around matching colours and shapes – so don’t be fooled into thinking adults have an advantage! The set of 55 cards come in a neat metal tin so it can be thrown in a draw, backpack or pocket for unlimited fun on the go.


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You can never have too many blankets in your motorhome – for evenings around the campfire or chilly nights in bed, they always come in handy! The added benefit of this one is that it doubles as a cushion! The plush multipurpose blanket measures a comfortable 152cm x 92cm or can be folded into a 20cm x 32cm pillow, perfect for lumbar support, long journeys or for extra comfort at night.

Made from velvety French microfibre, the blanket is machine washable and super soft. The included travel case is fitted with two useful handles for easy carrying or attaching to luggage.


VW Campervan mould

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Whether yours is a gin and tonic or a lime and soda, add a twist to your drink with these fun campervan ice cubes. The mould makes 4 large and delightfully detailed VW campervan ice cubes, great for cocktails, whiskey or a summer’s day lemonade! Made of easily cleaned silicone, the tray is also dishwasher safe and super flexible, so you can easily remove your mini-vans from the mould without breaking it – even when frozen.

The tray is even oven safe, so you can surprise your fellow campervanners with a classic VW cake! The mould is also great for homemade jelly, chocolate and fudge. Being an official VW licensed product, you don’t need to worry about any VW buffs catching you out: it gives you every detail of the iconic vehicle – in ice!

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Toilet bowl light 

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If you’re always waking up your travelling companion with midnight trips to the toilet or you can’t get back to sleep after the brightness of the bathroom, this quirky motorhome gadget might change your life. The ToiLight attaches via an adjustable arm to the bowl of any toilet and will illuminate when it picks up movement on the external sensor.

With 9 colour modes, there is no shortage of fun to be had with the toilet light, while the motion sensor means the AAA battery-powered gadget is energy efficient and long lasting. 

Collapsible tableware

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Every camper knows how important space-saving kit is, especially when it’s multi-functional. This collapsible tableware is both those things, and can be used as bowls, plates or chopping boards. Made from FDA food grade silicone that’s dishwasher safe, the materials are heat resistant and suitable for storing hot food as well as salads, crisps, desserts and more. The bone groove design means the products are quick-drying and reinforces the shape when being used as a bowl.

The product can be used as an 11 inch round plate or chopping board or two sizes of box, 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.9 inch and 6.2 x 6.2 x 3 inch. The polypropylene snaps make the tableware easy to adapt and keep them stable when being used as storage.

World map cushion

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You won’t be able to use it when you’re lost on a back road, but this world map cushion cover makes up for impracticality with charm. The lovely illustrations represent the character of each continent, from animals to sports to iconic monuments. The brightly coloured print appears on both sides so it’s a great addition to your couch, chair or bed at whatever angle.

Measuring 45×45 cm, the pillow case is made from high quality cotton and burlap so it’s super durable and machine washable (on cold). The invisible zipper is unobtrusive, making the cover a super chic and snug fit on your cushion.

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