ADRIA’S TWO low-profile ranges, the Matrix, which has a drop-down bed, and the Coral, with a large roof light, together make up 65% of its total motorhome sales in the UK.

This season, despite the lockdowns, both of these line-ups have been given a complete revamp – at least in Plus and Supreme spec.

While there are no new layouts in either range, the exterior profiles of both models have been reworked, so the sunroof at the front is 15% larger than it was for the previous season.

The whole motorhome has also been raised by 7cm, but without reducing headroom. This means that there can be a completely uninterrupted flat floor inside, and a technical double floor stretching from the cab more or less to the back panel.

Adria has taken advantage of this extra space to move the water tank forwards to a position over the axle, where it can be increased in size to 115 litres.

Adria’s low-profile ranges make up 65% of its total motorhome sales in the UK

Matrix models also get a new locker just forward of the habitation door, which contains the hook-up and exterior connection point and enough space to leave the hook-up cable where it won’t interfere with other luggage.

Inside, the drop-down bed has also been redesigned so that it fits much more snugly into the ceiling when you raise it. There’s also a new stereo system, with speakers hidden in the ceiling and a subwoofer.

Elsewhere in its offering, Adria has also added a new island-bed model, the SC, to its Compact range.

The new Adria Twin Sports ‘van

But its not just about low-profile models this season. Late last year, Adria expanded its Twin van conversion range, with the Twin Sports ‘van. The company claims this is the first van conversion on the market to feature a raising roof and a panoramic sunroof fitted as standard. The roof includes a midi-Heki and housing for air conditioning.

Adria: A quick history

You don’t often hear about Slovenia, but this small country is home to one of the largest motorhome manufacturers in Europe.

Adria started production in 1965 in what was then Yugoslavia and despite the political upheavals since, it is now the market leader in a large number of European countries – including some that have their own motorhome firms.

Everything is produced in Europe’s largest motorhome factory in Novo Mesto, and exported right across the Continent (Adrias are particularly popular in Scandinavia) and further afield, too. The company has been a major presence in the UK motorhome and caravan markets since the 1980s.

Having been independently owned for much of its history, two years ago Adria became the latest brand to be acquired by one of a group of multinationals that are dominating the industry, when it joined the French-based Trigano Group.

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