VEGA IS THE OFFICIAL name for Pilote’s range of Fiat-based van conversions, which it now produces in-house. These have risen hugely in popularity in recent years, with more than 1150 models sold in 2020.

This season, the big news is the launch of the V633M. This innovative design makes full use of a higher than usual roof (2.83m) to provide an area at the rear of the 6.36m-long vehicle which, once you fold away the double bed, is high enough for almost anyone to stand up in, and provides a huge amount of storage space.

The van is designed in particular not just for conventional motorcaravanners on tour, but also for people who use their ‘van to pursue other hobbies and interests, such as bike scrambling or attending dog shows. There is easily enough room inside the back of the vehicle to work on your bike or groom your dogs if it is raining.

The extra height means this van conversion includes a tall shower, with additional storage cabinets above – something you don’t usually find in a van conversion.

Other models include the rear-lounge V630LG, the only one to have the sliding door on the ‘right’ side for UK drivers.

As before, all van conversions are available in standard and premium finish. The latter has a more automotive interior, with light and dark grey-car-quality fabric and imitation leather seating, white surfaces and locker doors with graphite panelling, fabric ceiling, aluminium trim on the dash and reading lights in the cab.

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