When people think of the stereotypical ‘flower power’ VW ’van from the 1960s, the chances are they’re thinking 
of a Westfalia.

The German company essentially invented the van conversion genre and over the years has perfected it into a fine art. Very few converters can actually provide automotive levels of design and build quality – although many claim to – but Westfalia is the genuine article. We’ve always loved the ingenuity of its design solutions and the reliability of its build. So when we heard that Westfalia would be moving into the coachbuilt sector of the market we were very excited to see what it would come up with.

The result of its endeavours – or, more accurately, the endeavours of Hymer’s advanced design team, which did the design work for Westfalia – is the WestVan, 
a Ford Transit-based low-profile with a transverse rear double bed and a garage.

We first saw it at August 2008’s Düsseldorf show, and were wowed by its blend of innovation and quality. We were even more excited to hear 
that Roy Wood Transits would be working with Westfalia to swap the steering wheel over to the proper side and bring the WestVan to the UK. So when we were offered a 
chance to get it out on the 
road we didn’t hesitate.