You just never know with Ford. Is it really taking the motorhome market into account? Latest versions of its otherwise all-conquering Transit are superb, to say the least,  yet there’s always the slight feeling that it should be paying a little bit more attention to motorhomes.

Timing is everything, of course, and there’s also the small matter of Volkswagen’s near-total dominance of the campervan sector. And yet – you’ve guessed – there’s a but coming here. Actually, a couple of buts: Wellhouse Leisure and the Transit Custom Tourneo, a combination resulting in this, the Wellhouse Trento.

Among a clutch of other qualifications, Wellhouse is one of just two campervan makers to have been granted QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) status with Ford. This is a considerable feather in its cap. Also, thanks to using the Titanium version of the Tourneo, it ‘out-specs’ any equivalent VW (which is still the base vehicle to beat when it comes to campers).

Better still, important upgrades – such as the 170PS engine (£1500) and automatic transmission (£1620) – cost significantly less than VW equivalents.