Rio was very much a toe-in-the-water exercise for the mighty Swift Group when it whipped the covers off the two inaugural models just in time for the 2015 model year. We’ve heard of motorhomes packing sporting aspirations before, of course, but the new Rio really set out its stall in this respect by packing a full-height opening rear tailgate.

There are obvious bragging rights with this sort of daring design, but the beauty of the idea is considerably more than skin-deep. For one thing, it offers shade for al fresco relaxing or dining without having recourse to the expense and additional weight of a roll-out awning. And for another, it allows you unprecedented access to the invaluable space within, the better to store bikes or skis – or even those unfeasibly long flat-pack items of furniture.

Which brings us to another of the Rio’s appealing features: at just 6.4m long and less than 2.3m wide, this is one ’van you wouldn’t balk at taking into a reasonable-sized car park. And with the 340 having those all-important additional travel and sleeping berths, it can be used as a second car, too.

The question is: does the concept work?