Wellhouse Leisure should be familiar to anyone with an interest in van conversions.

The name of the base vehicle manufacturer the Huddersfield company teamed up with to launch new pop-top conversions at last October’s NEC show, however, is a little more exotic.

SsangYong is best-known in this country for producing SUVs. The SsangYong Turismo Tourist, the people carrier conversion Wellhouse Leisure has created, is its first venture into camper vans.

But it is clearly serious about the venture: the vehicle is, at least initially, only being sold through SsangYong dealers.

And according to Wellhouse founder David Elliott, the South Korean company has been the most enthusiastic of any of the Far Eastern manufacturers he has so far dealt with.

So how does it stack up? One wintry night earlier this year we took a new model out to try – so new, in fact, that since we returned it the ’van has already had a couple of modifications, that we will come to later.