You really have to work to earn your spurs in the motorhome market. In the case of Murvi, consider them well and truly gained. 

The Devon-based independent is into its fourth decade as a producer of premium van conversions and in that time, it’s been the winner of numerous Owner Satisfaction awards from the readers of Practical Motorhome. So if you’re looking a buy a motorhome, it’s a good place to start.

So, what about the Pimento XL? It’s a two-berth, reviewed here based on Ford’s Transit and boasting all the usual Murvi traits of quality build, plenty of style, and the back-up of impeccable customer care.

In this latest guise, a considerable tweak to the seating means you can have a choice of sleeping arrangements – two single beds or a double. In either case, there’s enough space to access the washroom and kitchen at the back. 

But let’s start with the base vehicle. Ford’s Transit is a refined performer these days. Its relatively soft springing means a more forgiving ride, and there’s a choice of performance. 

It would be worth considering the 130PS/128bhp or 170PS/168bhp upgrades over the standard 104bhp offering. More expense, albeit only £650 if you step up to the 128bhp. 

In fact, if you go for the Trend or the Limited (£2210 or £5455 respectively) over the standard Leader (aka Base), you’ll get best value for your money. 

A relaxing automatic transmission is also worth contemplating. As, indeed, is a higher-roof version if you want to increase the permanent headroom. 

There are other extras, depending on availability, and a handy bonus, in that Murvi’s design needs height-adjustable seats, which (on this version of the Transit) means they also come with a heating function.

There are plenty of options on the conversion, too. On this demonstrator, these range from metallic paint (£780), to an Avtex 16in LCD TV/DVD (£660), Teleco directional TV aerial (£234) and Smev oven/grill (£420).

The latter is a reminder that Murvi is particularly flexible with its kitchens, offering a number of hob, oven and fridge configurations. 

Here, there’s a three-ring triangular hob and 85-litre compressor fridge, with an overhead locker designed to accept a microwave oven.

The basic kitchen set-up remains the same. L-shaped, it extends across the back and drops a few inches for more comfortable worktop height along the nearside, where you get a sink with drainer and extensive locker storage. That includes fittings for the cutlery, crockery and glasses, plus a waste bin – all supplied as standard.

The washroom takes up the offside rear corner. There’s folding door access and you’ll find a Dometic swivel-bowl toilet and fixed basin. Showering is by extending the tap, with a curtain for splash protection.

Among the strong selling points is the spacious lounge. 

Night-time then, and there’s that choice of single beds or a double. Both are pretty easy to make, involving the easy release of a heavy-duty bolt that allows the base to glide on floor rails. 

The only slight hassle is getting the cab seats into position, including their height. If you’re going for the singles, the offside one can be extended to more than 7ft/2.14m.

Key fittings include the 30-litre LPG tank, Webasto Thermo Top gas/mains heating and hot water system, and the exterior-access floor-to-ceiling storage inside the rear offside door.

Throughout, neat touches abound, such as touch on/off downlighters, high-level lights with night-time setting, mains sockets as well as USBs, additional lounge speakers, wind-up sunroof and plenty more.

We are impressed by Ford’s latest Transit. And even more impressed by Murvi’s build qualities.

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