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Chausson is known for its innovative ideas, and its latest development allows for a vast amount of storage in a 'van that's relatively short.


Chausson's reputation for innovation shows no sign of letting up for the 2019 season.

Remember last season's 716, with the drop-down bunks in the back? That is being continued, with a new variation where the beds have been brought to the front - there is something even newer in the back. 

With two adult-sized drop down bunks at the front, a drop down double at the rear and a fifth bunk beside that, there's plenty of innovative sleeping options. And there's even more to like about this motorhome when you come to consider storage space. 


Chausson's second major theme is simplification, and it has been rationalising the options in many models. In particular, Flash is only available on a Ford Transit. So if that isn't your base of choice, stop reading.

On the road

That said, it would be a pity to ignore the cab. This vehicle might not benefit from the 170bhp in this year's Titanium edition, but the cab looks and feels more like a car than the Ducato.

Lounging & dining

The front dinette feels a little squashed, but still welcoming; especially if you go for the VIP Pack, which gets you matching cab seat covers. A sofa on the offside converts into a travel seat with a three-point belt.

If this front lounge is a bit poky, with its permanent table, there is a second one at the rear, beyond the washroom and kitchen, with two seats facing each other over a table.


At the launch, Chausson was keen to promote the new, 144-litre compressor fridge included in this 'van. They say it takes up less space in the kitchen, while still providing capacity for the food of a family. The worktop is large, but there is a dearth of sockets. You only get a two-burner hob, and no oven.

There is plenty of storage for kitchenware and food, and the area is well-lit. But we did wonder whether the cook might get tired of the relative lack of space to move about here.


Its really the beds that are the main attraction here. The two bunks come down neatly over the front dinette to provide a comfortable sleeping space for adults or children. They don't obstruct the door, while the ladder can be positioned without compromising the kitchen space any further.

The large double comes down over the space behind the rear lounge. The fifth bed is made up by lowering the rear lounge table. It only measures 1.60m in length and, as it lies right next to the double, it possibly wouldn't be the most suitable location for the fifth person in a party of adults. But for a group of five with, say, two older kids and one infant, such an arrangement seems great.


The central washroom has a small basin but a large mirror, and the toilet is positioned with room for you to move around it. You even get your own heating vent. The opaque window allows in plenty of light, there is a shelved cupboard, and the large shower cubicle includes two drain holes.


The storage space might be limited up front, thanks to the drop-down bunks, with only a small area under the side seat. But that space beyond the rear lounge is a huge storage area with four compartments. There's also a fifth compartment on the side. Chausson calls this the Easy Box, and it holds a total of 300 litres of space.

The box can be raised and lowered to make more room for large items in the back. Perhaps because of this - to avoid the (slim) possibility of you forgetting the garage and crushing what's inside - this is the only adjustable part of the 'van that isn't electronic. You have to work the crank from the garage. But that garage is ample for lots of kit. It comes with lighting and enough room for everyone's bikes.


A £1300 VIP Pack gets you cab air conditioning, cruise control, a passenger airbag, panoramic skylight and fog lamps, as well as the matching cab seat covers.

Technical specs

Travel seats5
Fresh/waste water105L / 100L
Leisure battery100 Ah


If you can get over the rather awkwardly positioned kitchen, the 634 Flash offers huge possibilities for a group on the move. Five can live and sleep in a space only slightly longer than your average van conversion. Then consider the price - well short of £45,000 - and you could be on to a winner.