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There's fresh thinking from Chausson in this innovative, twin-lounge 716, designed to grow with families – and, amazingly, in a 7.49m, 3500kg motorhome!


Bunk beds in a ’van can be confusing.

You want them if you have small children, but what happens when they grow up?

Or if you have two children who are quite far apart in age?

The Chausson 716 offers some possible answers.

Perhaps with families on a budget in mind, the 716 is only available in entry-level Flash spec.

Unlike most of the company’s other models, it’s also only available on a Ford Transit base.

Otherwise, this is a standard Chausson model, with a 54.5mm polyester roof, a 63.5mm GRP base and a partly timber frame.

Chausson’s water-ingress guarantee is for seven years.

At the back of the motorhome, a spacious garage with two doors is easily big enough to hold a bicycle.

Lounging & dining

The 716 uses Chausson’s tried-and-tested Maxi Lounge layout, with L-shaped and side sofas around a pedestal table.

The latter has space for five people, but can be folded in half.

The large windows on each side and the window in the habitation door allow in plenty of light.

In fact, they more than compensate for not having a rooflight, which is due to the drop-down bed.

You get four LED lights under this bed, but the only spotlights are in the cab – where you’ll also find the USB sockets – so you might need to retreat here if you fancy reading at night.

Two heating vents near the front mean you should stay warm wherever you are.

Children might be more inclined to head to the rear lounge, where there is a pair of facing seats and a collapsible table.

These seats are positioned quite close to the shower on the nearside and the washroom on the offside.

However, there is only so much space to play with in a motorhome that’s just 7.49m long, yet manages to pack in all these facilities.

The rear wardrobe doors hold a massive mirror, enhancing the feeling of space in the Chausson Flash 716.

There are USB sockets here – clearly this motorhome’s designers think children have more need of these than adults – but there are no mains sockets.

The sockets and bracket for the TV are all in a slot above the fridge.


In between these two lounges is the kitchen. It’s on the small side, but it has some workspace, with a three-burner hob and a round sink.

There are two overhead cupboards, while underneath are a pull-out cutlery tray and more two cupboards.

One of these, we guess, will be taken up by the Thetford combined oven/grill that is fitted to all UK models.

The worktop in the Chausson Flash 716 is well lit by the window and a small striplight, while a large rooflight keeps the central aisle flooded with daylight.

On the other side of the aisle you’ll find a 167-litre AES fridge and freezer, with a cupboard above it, if you can reach up there.


The sleeping arrangements are the pièce de résistance of the Chausson 716.

The drop-down double bed (1.90 x 1.40m/6’3” x 4’7”) is accessible without a ladder, and very comfortable – the key to control the bed is high up, to stop children playing with it.

You can also make a small bed from the seats and table in the lounge, probably best for occasional use.

The two bunks at the back of the 716 – a system that Chausson calls Duo Bed – are really special.

Both bunks start on the ceiling. If you have two children you can lower both bunks, with the bottom one resting on the rear-lounge seat bases.

Or, you can just have one bunk halfway down, made up of two mattresses.

Whichever option you choose, the bunk not on ground level can still be easily accessed via the ladder.

Chausson claims to be the first to offer this flexible arrangement – and each bunk measures a useful 1.89 x 0.85m (6’2” x 2’9”).

If the number of children you take with you differs, there is still an area they can call their own.


The Chausson Flash 716’s washroom is in two parts – you’ll need to step up into both.

The wheelarch partly extends into the nearside shower cubicle, but you still get two plug holes – the hook-and-loop straps holding the doors together look a bit cheap, though.

The area on the other side includes the toilet (which means you would have to retrieve the cassette inside any awning), plus a small, square sink. There are two cupboards in here, too.

The whole thing can be closed off with a tambour door, which is fine, but anyone in the rear lounge immediately outside could probably hear every move.


Chausson manages to include lots of storage in the 716.

Besides that large garage, the rear wardrobe is so big you could climb into it.

The underseat areas are clear at the back, as is the area under the side sofa.

But with the oven fitted, food storage space in the kitchen might be at a premium.

Technical specs

Travel seats5
Engine (power)130
Fresh/waste water120L / 100L
Leisure battery95 Ah
Gas tank size13kg
Number of gas tank compartments2
Kitchen Equipment
3-burner gas hob, Combined Oven/Grill
Separate shower cubicle


Chausson has a reputation for innovation.

Some of its ’vans work better than others, and the kitchen here in the Chausson Flash 716 may be too poky for some.

However, this is one vehicle that can easily adapt to your family’s requirements.

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  • It's a flexible and innovative family-friendly layout
  • You get many storage options
  • It squeezes a lot into a 3500kg, 7.49m-long motorhome


  • Some might find the kitchen too small