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Find out about the Timberland Atlantis, in the Practical Motorhome review of this 'van from the Lincolnshire-based converter


Fixed bed layouts require compromises in terms of space and practicality, but the ingenious end-bed van conversion – debuted a few years ago in the Adria Twin – allows for a lift-up bed that clears a big storage area at the rear of the ’van.

At last February’s NEC show, Lincolnshire-based luxury converter Timberland finally moved into this market with the Atlantis, which exchanges a little rear storage for a large, full-width washroom.

The Atlantis is built on the Fiat Ducato base and starts at £39,995. It’s solidly made and the fundamentals are sound: there’s Webasto DualTop heating and the underslung 20-litre gas tank can be topped up at any filling station that provides Autogas.

The washroom is one of the first things you’ll notice: it runs across the centre of the ’van, separating the living and sleeping areas. It’s divided into three sections: tip-up sink and Thetford bench toilet (nearside), wardrobe (farside) and shower cubicle (middle). Two folding plastic partitions cordon off the washroom when it’s in use and clip out of the way when it isn’t. The profusion of plywood surfaces in the washroom looks good but seems risky in a damp area. A shower curtain will protect vulnerable surfaces, but it’s a bit flimsy and fussy.

Elsewhere, you’ll find Timberland’s solid build and luxury, highlighted by the relatively big and supremely well-equipped kitchen. A sizeable worktop extension can also double up as an additional table for the lounge.

The lounge is only good for three, though, utilising a combination of a single lounge seat and the swivelled cab seats, with a decent-sized freestanding table (70.5 x 54cm) that stows away easily. Movement is compromised by the height difference between the kitchen and lounge floors, but it’s otherwise serviceable.

Technical specs

Travel seats2
Waste water50L


If you want a two-berth camper and fully intend to use the onboard facilities, few ’vans will work better than the Atlantis. Those hoping to transport bulky items or full-sized bikes will find it difficult.



  • Clever fixed bed layout; large, well-equipped kitchen; unusual washroom design across the middle of the motorhome


  • Lounge space is limited; movement is compromised by the height difference between the kitchen and lounge floors

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