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Continental good looks combine with a UK-friendly habitation door to make this a welcome return to the market, says Peter Baber.


Italian brand Mobilvetta was brought back to the UK by Marquis Leisure a few seasons ago. Initially, the only models were its Tekno Line K Yacht A-classes, until last year saw the arrival of three Kea P low-profiles. 

This season, the Kea P's are back, with a new selling point - a habitation door on the right side for UK drivers. The layouts are the same. We're taking a look at the P65, with fixed single beds. 

On the road

Despite its 7.38m length, you won't necessarily have a struggle driving this, as Marquis has had all the Mobilvettas it sells fitted with the more powerful 160bhp Fiat Ducato engine.

The cab is standard Fiat, although the brown plastic trim on the dashboard looks a bit cheap and out of keeping. Just as well, then, that you also get sat nav - an optional extra that Marquis is including in the price in the UK.

Lounging & dining

This motorhome has a double floor, so there's a step up into the lounge, but there is a grab handle. You come into a very white, glossy interior, with a high-gloss table, pale grey upholstery and off-white locker doors.

There is an L-shaped settee, with two belted seats for the UK, and a side sofa, but the latter is not as substantial as on the P67, because the designers have made room for in-line single beds.

At night, the interior is brightly lit by LEDs under the drop-down bed and Mobilvetta's characteristic blue ambient lighting behind the lockers. However, the TV bracket and sockets are over by the door. In that position, a TV can really only be viewed from the swivelled cab seats and the small side seat - certainly not the main settee.

There is only one mains socket in the lounge, so if you need power for anything else, you might have to trail a cable into the kitchen.


The kitchen looks sophisticated, with an induction hob and two gas burners. You also get an extractor fan, a large sink and a trap-door that lifts to reveal a bin. But that means the worktop itself isn't particularly big.

The lockers are half-shelved, but some of the space is taken up with the vent for the extractor fan.

Apart from sociability, the benefits of an L-shaped kitchen are more apparent when it comes to storage.


The bedroom is partitioned off by a folding door, and the nearside part of the washroom by a tambour door.

The fixed single beds are high, but easy to get into. They are comfortable, with well-padded headboards, but headroom isn't great. The mirrored shelf in between includes USBs and a mains socket.

Between the beds, the cushioned area is supposed to be a child's ed. But if you remove this, you have a flat spot that would be the perfect place for a tray, for breakfast in bed.

The drop-down bed over the lounge is easy to lower, but it does partially obstruct the habitation door.


The shower cubicle on the offside comes with a clothes drying rail, roof vent and plenty of LED lighting. The nearside washroom includes a circular basin, with a towel rail in front of a swing-out cupboard. There's another cupboard above the opaque window behind the toilet. The toilet is on the nearside, so you might have to remove the cassette inside any awning.


Storage is a bit of a dilemma. There is lots, including a rear garage that has its own light and a mains socket, and two skirting lockers on the outside alone.

The fixed-bed layout gives you six lockers in the rear bedroom, as well as two large cupboards under the beds. But you'll need to watch the payload; the limit is only 270kg.


Extras included as standard are the Winter Pack, which gets you a Truma Combi 6 heater, suitable for all-year touring, plus insulation on the waste-water tank and an exhaust valve with antifreeze protection.

Technical specs

LayoutRear single beds
Travel seats4
Fresh/waste water120L / 110L
Leisure battery110 Ah
External Options
Awning light
Kitchen Equipment
3-burner gas hob, Extractor fan
Separate shower cubicle
Truma Combi heater


It's good to see these highly versatile 'vans being given a more UK-friendly habitation door positioning. Marquis has also thrown in a whole load of really useful extras, and the P65 has gallons of storage above and below the fixed beds, too. It's a shame that the fairly meagre payload means you might need to be careful how you make use of it. 

That issue aside, this is an attractive coachbuilt motorhome (both inside and out) that looks and feels both modern and stylish - the 160bhp engine is a real bonus, too. 

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  • Lots of storage space
  • UK-friendly
  • Plenty of kit as standard


  • Not much payload to play with