McLouis’ Tandy range of coachbuilts have a very different feel to the more well-known budget models in the Lagan and Glen ranges.

The Tandy range has a more luxurious feel, which is evident in this family-focused overcab, the 620 Plus. It’s a good illustration, too, that a value ’van doesn’t necessarily have to sport a Spartan finish.

Immediately, we noticed how the cab was extremely well appointed. The Ducato 18 chassis has the 2.8-litre turbo-diesel fitted as standard, so it easily moves its 6.85 metre frame. The Tandy also impressed with a full set of electric mirrors, windows and a CD/radio unit. Full cab electrics are not often standard on budget import models, but the Tandy even has cab air conditioning as standard.

Unfortunately, though, the layout of the ’van means that swivel seats are not fitted. However, the dinette seats four people on supportive cushions with four seat belts. The two forward-facing seats have three-point belts, while the rear-facing have only lap belts. This arrangement is not too big an issue, though, as touring with four passengers is restricted by the likelihood of exceeding the ’van’s payload. Opposite the dinette is a TV shelf, with all the requisite connections nearby.

Many models claiming six berths have three double beds, which won’t suit families with a couple of teenagers in tow. Be impressed, then, with the Tandy’s magnificent pair of rear bunks. These are sturdy enough to carry an adult each and, at 1.15m x 2.15m, they are more akin to small doubles than singles. The lower of these bunks lifts to give the 620 Plus a large garage space, with big 0.92m x 1.32m doors and a motor scooter rail. Access to the garage from inside the ’van is via a pair of tambour doors.

The rest of the interior is pretty conventional, but no less successful for it. The generous provision of high-gloss work surfaces means that there is plenty of room for food preparation, and the splendid counter-to-floor Smev cooker is a welcome find. Traditionally, Continental ’vans are a little light on cooking options, but with grill, oven, and four gas burners, this ’van’s handsomely specified. There’s a Baraldi extractor fan and a big 150-litre fridge/freezer, too.

We had no complaints about the washroom, either. The separate shower is a usable size and there’s a recessed sink, good quality shower controls and the ubiquitous Thetford swivel-cassette toilet. Good lighting, plenty of natural light and a domestic-style washroom door with a proper latch compound the quality feel.

At this price, the choice of large family ’vans with a garage is limited. If you haven’t managed to find the right ’van for your rabble, it’s perfectly possible that this is it.