Here at Practical Motorhome, we’ve been testing the Manfrotto 190 Go! tripod (MT190GOA4TD) and the Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3 Way Head with Adapto Body (MHXPRO-3WG). So, what do we think?

Italian manufacturer Manfrotto has planted rubber feet in both the professional and amateur camera accessory market, with products available at various price points. Its 190 Go! tripod is designed for hobby photographers looking for innovation and solid build quality for an affordable outlay. 

We tested the 190 Go! over a period of months in a variety of applications, teaming it with the XPRO Geared 3 Way Head, and found it to be a solid and reliable performer with a selection of extra features that make a good product even better. 

When used in its basic guise as a camera support, the 190 Go! has much to recommend it. Constructed from aluminium, it features four-section telescopic legs that secure via rubber twist grips rather than hinged catches. This saves space and makes the tripod more robust, with no catches to break if dropped. A handy rubber carrying grip on one of the legs is a pleasing practical touch. 

The twist grips are easy to use – a quarter-twist locks or unlocks each section – but you must take care to tighten them properly, of course, otherwise one unsecured leg could allow your camera to make unscheduled contact with the ground. 

When fully extended, the 190 Go! can reach to 1.46m. To lower the centre of gravity, a counterweight can be hung from a hook at the apex of two of the legs. At the other end of the height scale, the tripod can work at 0.30m, by releasing a catch at the top of each leg which allows them to be spread much wider. This will bring the camera closer to the ground – ideal for subjects at floor level, or when shooting upwards to capture a ‘hero’ shot. 

The other clever feature is a horizontal mode, which allows you to position a camera on the same plane above the ground, ideal for photographing objects directly from above. To do this, the centre column lock is loosened and the column pulled up until it can be pulled down by 90º; it can then be pushed back into the centre column’s collar and clamped tight anywhere along the axis. 

The 190 Go! was well paired with the MHXPRO-3WG three-way head. This screws onto the top of the centre column and secures by turning a small screw underneath. Mounting the camera to the tripod is achieved by screwing in a sturdy base plate to the threaded receiver common to all cameras and camcorders; next, depress the safety lever next to the latch, open the latch and insert the base plate. 

When the camera is mounted, three quick-release levers allow fast positioning, with knobs for more precise adjustments. Pan, tilt and level are all easily achieved, and if your camera doesn’t have an electronic level, then three levelling bubbles offer instant visual feedback on the alignment of each setting. 

With 360º adjustment, the camera can be fully rotated without actually having to move it, making it ideal for working in confined spaces, or for when shooting a series of images to combine into a panorama.