Panel-van converter Ian Hartley has continually evolved the design of his IH motorhomes over the past two decades. He has an innate ability to combine traditional and modern elements to create an interior vibe that is up-to-date while being timeless in a classic way that is reminiscent of high-end yacht cabins.

In the past, IH has altered a variety of base vehicles but, for 2016, the line-up is built solely on the Fiat Ducato, with models on both the LWB and XL versions. These are available with the standard-issue rear doors or with an optional one-piece moulded rear panel that creates a full-width, exterior-access boot.

The IH Motorhomes N-Class 630 RL costs from £62,995 on the road; and we were given a chance to test a higher specification one costing £74,303.