It may be easy to drive, but Hymer’s ML-T 580 4×4 isn’t so easy to get into.

The feature that makes it ideal for tackling tours of snowy terrain – its raised height – means that it’s also 8.5cm higher off the ground than the standard, non-four-wheel-drive, version. This also means that it is relatively tall, so the drag from passing high vehicles is quite noticeable.

Available as an option on Hymer’s ML-T 560 and 580 models, the 4×4 drivetrain allows intrepid motorcaravanners to go where others fear to tread. It was, therefore, an ideal choice of ’van for a trip to Germany at the onset of winter, which is when we tested it.

As the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base vehicle is rear-wheel drive, a rocker switch on the dashboard is used to engage front-wheel drive, in the ratio of 35:65, when required.

Setting up the Hymer ML-T 580 4×4 on site is straightforward once the electric is hooked up. The two gas bottles are located in a dedicated cupboard in the vast rear garage.

There’s plenty of room here for outdoor kit like bicycles and a barbecue, too, and there are anchor points to secure them safely. Also in the garage is the switch to empty the grey water, and a shower attachment for washing off muddy boots.

As the water- and electric-connection points are on the UK offside, and the toilet cassette hatch is on the nearside, the services are not re-handed for the UK market.

The habitation door has a long window, and there’s an electric step and an awning light. The ML-T 580’s rear-fixed-bed layout is a mainstay of European-manufactured low-profile two-berths.