The B-544-SL is a well put-together vehicle. Like all A-class ‘vans, its construction is fully integrated. Apart from the running gear, this vehicle has been assembled at Hymer’s factory in Germany, which is why you won’t recognise any part of the new Ducato cab.

The B-SL is the more highly specified of Hymer’s two A-class line-up (the B-CL is an entry-level range). At 6.6m long and classed as a three-berth, the evergreen front-lounge 544 layout offers ample space for two people, or relative comfort for a family of three. In terms of overall layout, the rear door entrance recess is well illuminated. The kitchen and bathroom are near the rear door, so anyone cooking a meal would have to lay down the law to stop others coming and going and getting in the way.