There was feverish excitement when Chausson launched the 611 model last season.

Here was a family motorhome with cab-style seats in the rear: no more moans of “Mum, these slab seats are uncomfortable,” coming from the kids on long journeys.

It also had a door on both sides, so UK motorcaravanners wouldn’t need to step out into traffic.

A year on, word from some dealerships suggested that the 611 did have one downside.

Putting in that extra door entailed removing storage – and apparently that put off some UK buyers.

But Chausson is pressing on. For the 2018 season, it has implemented the same idea in its new 711 model, currently only available in Welcome Travel Line spec, with a rear U-shaped lounge.

So will the addition of another UK-friendly feature mean that this time the model really will catch on?

The second door is a boon when you are touring in the UK, although it is worth noting that the extra infrastructure bumps the price up by more than £2500, compared with a different but similarly sized and specced Chausson.

Both doors also have grab handles.