About 10 years ago, campervan convertors using the VW as a base tended to be quite thin on the ground. Over the past two years, that’s all changed, and now it seems everybody is converting the VW T5/6 into living accommodation.

It’s rapidly become a very crowded market, but one of the names that stands out is Camper King. This convertor has been using VW since 2003 and, over that time, has established an enviable reputation, building on pre-owned VW T5s, sourced by them, to offer customers a new build on a used van.

Based in the Cotswolds, Camper King has a selected dealership network and we visited Stewart Longton Motorhomes, one of their main dealers, who have seen Camper King sales climb.

The showroom has sample shades of colours and alloy wheel designs to provide potential buyers choices on special custom orders.

So is Camper King the king of campers? We took a close look at the new Monte Carlo to find out.