To say that Benimar has made a real impact on the UK motorhome market since its reappearance on these shores in 2014 would be an understatement.

The Spanish brand’s coachbuilt Mileo range, exclusively available via Marquis Leisure, has gone on to account for five per cent of the new motorhome market! No mean feat when buyers can browse from a seemingly bewildering choice of models from an extensive range of manufacturers.

So why has Benimar become such a trusty touring amigo for motorcaravanners in the UK?

First, Marquis Leisure has been very canny in the way that it put Benimar back in Blighty. The Spanish producer agreed to re-hand Mileo models for the UK market, so the habitation door is on the nearside, like domestically produced coachbuilt motorhomes.

Secondly, Marquis upspecced the baseline Benimar offering. Engines came in 150bhp tune, and desirable extras including DAB radios with USB and Bluetooth device connectivity were included in the price, along with sat-nav and colour reversing cameras.

So there’s no need to look for options packs to boost the spec, because there aren’t any. The few extras that you can choose cover chassis and base vehicle upgrades, habitation air-con and faux leather upholstery.

This kind of clarity is a salesman’s dream: ““This is what you get, and this is the price you pay”. Little wonder these imports from sunny Castellón have been positively flying off Marquis Leisure’s 11 forecourts.

We’ve tested several Benimar Mileo models since 2014. Some carry floorplans that seem quite quirky to UK tastes, but the six-berth 313 is a more straightforward proposition.

With a double bed over the cab and a pair of transverse rear bunks bookending a full dinette, it’s designed for families of four to six. All quite straightforward so far, but the 313 has another ace up its sleeve: it’s a ferry-friendly 5.99m long.

To find out how well the Benimar Mileo 313 performs as a family motorhome, we ran one as a long-term test vehicle, taking it to the Scottish Highlands and south-west England, among other destinations.