You can often tell how seriously a converter takes its work by the products that it uses. And this model sees Autohaus employing an SCA elevating roof for the first time.

Until now it’s fitted Reimo tops – the plan is to offer that choice in future – but one of the advantages with SCA is that the bed comes ready-fitted. Some also argue that SCA has the best-engineered products out there. It does require a bit of muscle to operate the roof, though.

There’s also a RIB rear seat. It is the 120cm-wide version, with two three-point belts and adjustable head restraints. Optional leather covers the front of this seat – flip it over for the bed and the uppermost fabric is cloth.

One thing going for this VW campervan is that it has a permanent gas cylinder for its camping appliances, slung underneath the vehicle. It’s an option, but consider it a major advance over an in-board locker designed to carry a cylinder or two.

Such a fitting immediately frees up a considerable amount of interior locker space, as well as making your gas refills a whole lot cheaper (you can simply top up at any number of fuel stations that offer Autogas – you’ll need adaptors if your travels take you out of the UK).

Inside, the Ashton is in a standard camper format, but the furniture unit has a slight L-shape to it, allowing Autohaus to add a push-to-open door over the fridge and cutlery drawer.

The light-coloured wood finish here lifts the interior, but Autohaus can supply all manner of hard and soft furnishings. You can vary your locker doors, too. For example, the rear seat base can be adapted if you want to carry a portable toilet on board (it can also be retrieved via the tailgate).

Likewise, you get to choose what table style you prefer – freestanding, pedestal-leg or rail-fixing. There are advantages to each.

There’s also a SMEV oven/grill available on the options list. Again, such fittings are down to choice, but bear in mind that you do lose cupboard storage.

Neat touches include the illuminated fresh-water tank (in the offside boot area, so you can instantly check the water level) to the retrimmed sliding-door panel.

“The base for this model is the well-specced T6 Highline version, with a 102PS engine – the Highline is Autohaus’s preference because the overall kit levels are more suited to leisure vehicles.

As you can see from our photos, Autohaus can also offer some natty alloy wheels.