Considering the price, the overall level of specification on this substantial Slovenian motorhome is exceptional. There is a feeling of quality throughout and it beats all comers in terms of value for money (although Lunar’s Champ range does push it close).

One potential weak point is the Renault Master base vehicle, which is a few years older than its competitors (Ford, Fiat and Mercedes), although the driving experience is only marginally less refined. At this price level, though, high-quality Isringhausen captain seats with inflatable lumbar support, and an on-road heater for the rear passengers, go some way to redressing the balance.

The level of winterisation is impressive. A double floor containing the waste tank and (heated) waste outlet valve, offers maximum frost protection, and the overcab bed has blown-air heating.

The main garage doorway measures 1.17 x 0.79m, with a 50cm lip height. Inside the garage are six fixing points, a spare wheel, blown-air heating and the load limit is 175kg.

There are lockers on both sides of the 14cm-high, full-width double floor space, just in front of the rear axle, each with a lightweight GRP shelf for pitching kit.

The amount of internal headroom is excellent: 2.23m in the lounge, 2.06m by the kitchen and 1.91m in the shower. The rear bedroom is spacious, too. There are three gentle steps up to the twin rear singles and, again, lots of headroom: enough to climb into bed easily, and you can sit upright. Both mattresses are sprung and their slats raise to create a headrest. The beds can also be made into a double.

The overcab bed is large, with a small roof light, two windows and a two-piece foam mattress, but headroom is limited at just 57cm.

The half dinette, side sofa and swivel chairs provide a cosy dining space for four, with a table extension and a comfortable lounge for two. The quality of the no-cost option fabric feels good and has a pleasant, soft texture.

In the kitchen the unusual, triangular configuration of the hob provides a fraction more workspace (just as well in this small galley). There’s an ample amount of storage space, but the ridiculously high (1.68m) grill lets it down.

The washroom has a separate shower (60 x 89cm), with a folding door and a GRP tray with an edge channel. Toilet access is adequate, with 30cm of space from bowl to door, at the narrowest point, and there is lots of room around the sink.

For active families, the Izola A697 offers a capable platform for all manner of sporting holidays and it could also suit couples who like to take the occasional guest. With the optional 3850kg chassis (£300), it has the room to take everything you need and, at this price, you won’t find a better value motorhome for year-round touring.