WHAT ESSENTIAL TOOLS should you take with you when touring in the UK? How about in the rest of Europe?


Find out by watching Episode 10 of The Motorhome Channel! It is full of great advice to keep you legal and safe on tour both here and abroad. Our Rob Ganley and Gentleman Jack also review two new van conversions and Andy Harris looks at intelligent battery chargers. Meanwhile, our Clare Kelly finds a motorhome stopover in Canterbury, Kent. 


The Practical Motorhome editorial team has been out and about filming for this new episode of The Motorhome Channel, which we co-produce with Information TV. 



The Motorhome Channel, Episode 10

Showing from 20 January until 2 February, 2014

  • Gentleman Jack takes his bow on the Motorhome Channel, reviewing the Phoenix 2XL Studio van conversion.
  • Andy Harris on essential kit for ongoing maintenance on tour, and intelligent battery chargers.
  • Rob Ganley reviews the Buxton camper from Derbyshire converter Hillside.
  • Clare Kelly visits a unique motorhome-friendly stopover in Canterbury, and other sites nearby, suitable for those on their way to catch a ferry to France.
  • She also looks at some of the essentials you need for a motorhome trip abroad.



Where and when to catch the show

The Motorhome Channel is shown on:

Sky 212

Freesat 401

Information TV’s livestream online



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Kate Taylor, Practical Motorhome

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