Motorhomes are a valuable commodity, and not just in terms of money – your van is your home-from-home, so you want to do everything you can to help protect it and its contents from harm.

With the right security system, you’ll be able to rest assured that your motorhome is as safe as it can possibly be – and that’s where Phantom comes in.

Stay safe with Sentinel

The experts at Phantom have created the ultimate security system in the Sentinel: it combines a dedicated leisure vehicle alarm system with a sophisticated vehicle tracking solution. Combined, they represent fantastic protection against vehicle burglary and theft.

The Sentinel system comprises two systems: the Vanguard alarm system and the iTrack vehicle monitor.

The Phantom Vanguard alarm system has been specifically designed for motorhome owners, and features an array of great features. You’ll get habitation door, cab door and bonnet protection. The system can easily be expanded to allow for additional locker or garage door sensors. It’s Thatcham Category 1-rated, too – only the best and most sophisticated alarms meet this category.

Track and trace

Then there’s iTrack. If your motorhome is stolen, a tracking system can help authorities locate it. Phantom iTrack – also a Thatcham-approved set-up – monitors much more: it can also identify a battery disconnection, or when a vehicle is being towed away.

Even if your van is where it should be, it monitors the battery level so you don’t discover that it’s flat when you are ready to hit the road.

Every option for your needs

But what if you already have an alarm on your motorhome, and only want the tracking system, or vice versa?

Phantom’s Sentinel is the complete solution, but the great news is that both Vanguard and iTrack can be purchased individually – so, it’s really easy to get the ideal set-up for you and your motorhome.

No matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed to find it great value. Installation of the Sentinel starts at just £699 with a monthly subscription of £13.99.

If you choose to go for iTrack alone, you’ll find prices starting at £249, plus a monthly subscription of £13.50.

The Vanguard motorhome alarm system, meanwhile, costs from £595.

For more details on all of these security products and many more, visit the Phantom website.

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