[tl:gallery index=0 size=450×73]iPhone users who are currently making use of the free Skobbler Lite sat-nav app for finding their way around are on borrowed time — Skobbler will be scrapping the app at the end of the month.

The reason is that’s when Skobbler’s new — and paid-for — Navigation 2 sat-nav app goes on sale and that’s going to be the only version the company is going to work on from that point onwards.

There’s no information yet on how much Navigation 2 will cost just yet, but it will be available as a free upgrade to users of the current paid-for Skobbler Premium app.

The good news, however, is that Skobbler has decided to make this paid-for app free for a limited period.

So, download Skobbler Premium now and you’ll qualify for a free upgrade to Navigation 2 next month. If you miss this free download (which also includes speed camera data), you’ll be out of luck come October.

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