Hymer’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz has borne more fruit for the 2020 season, with two new models – one low-profile, one van conversion – showing off the link, and further adaptations of last year’s B-Class ModernComfort models.

But the German company has also revisited some of its Fiat-based production, to increase its presence in the 3500kg and under sector.

Tramp is a champ

The new low-profile, the Hymer Tramp S, is based on a Mercedes Sprinter, with front-wheel drive and a wide range of safety features, including Crosswind Assist, Active Brake Assistant and Distronic Active Distance Assist.

Some 7.39m long and 2.29m wide, the Tramp’s low chassis means the interior is step-free, with an internal headroom of 2.04m in the main part of the ‘van, and 1.94m in the shower. The island bed at the rear is 1.95m long and 1.50m wide, and the two facing sofas in the front lounge can be turned into belted seats, so four people can travel in here. An electronic drop-down bed is an option.

With an MTPLM of 3500kg (although upgrades are available), the ‘van also includes a 152-litre compressor fridge.

Unusually, heating is provided by a diesel heater, although the gas bottle locker still has room for two 3kg gas bottles for cooking. You’ll also find USB sockets in the front lounge, as well as a panoramic rooflight.

There’s a new Mercedes Sprinter-based model in Hymer’s Free range of campervans, too. The Hymer Free 600 S, with driving safety features similar to the Tramp S, features a transverse bed at the rear that can be folded up during the day to offer extra storage space.

The matte-white and oak interior, with silver detailing, provides 2m headroom, as well as a 90-litre fridge, a 100-litre fresh-water tank, and a bench toilet in the washroom.

An optional pop-up roof turns this ‘van into a four-berth.

This season, Hymer has gone some way to making such models all-year-round touring vehicles, even with the raising-roof. Among the items included in its list of Hymer Original Parts and Accessories is a special raising-roof insulation that attaches to the roof with magnets and has soft velour on the inside. There’s also an electric blanket with four settings, which switches off automatically after 180 minutes.

Also for Mercedes-Benz fans, Hymer is offering the 550 and the 600 from its B-Class ModernComfort Line, launched last year, as a White Line special edition. This comes with a white paint finish and an upgraded equipment package.

The B-Class ModernComfort combines the Sprinter base vehicle with Hymer’s own lightweight SLC chassis to keep MTPLM at 3500kg.

Finally, at the launch Hymer revealed it is to go into production with the DuoCar S, a model it first showed as a prototype at the 2017 Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Also based on a Sprinter, this ‘van is much more designed for couples than its standard campervans, with a sofa down the side opposite the kitchen, which can be turned into a double bed.

Bed linen can be stored away under the sofa, although the ‘van does also have an optional pop-top roof. As its name implies, it is designed to look more like a car, with most external flaps removed, and all-round glazing.

Fiats can be lighter, too

As part of a drive to make its ‘vans more amenable to those not allowed to drive anything heavier than 3500kg, Hymer has introduced two new models – one low-profile, one A-Class – at the shorter end of its Exsis compact range.

The Hymer Exsis-i 580 and Exsis-t 580 are both built on the original Fiat frame, rather than a Fiat/Al-Ko chassis. Along with the lighter weight, Hymer says this has advantages such as removing the need for a large step near the habitation door. The living area of both is flat throughout.

Both models also have 1.90m fixed single beds in the rear. The overhead lockers included above these in other Hymer models have been removed, to allow more headroom, although both also have a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe and storage space under the beds.

You also get a 142-litre fridge and a garage big enough for a moped.

More optional extras

The firm’s extension of its Original Parts and Accessories hasn’t stopped at insulation, either. This season, it was showing off a branded electric scooter and more kitchen accessories that can be attached to the fitted rail in Hymer motorhomes.

Our Pick: Hymer Exsis-t 580

The sense of space that you get inside the new-look compact ‘van is impressive. And because this motorhome comes on a lighter (and cheaper) Fiat chassis, it should mean that Hymer luxury is just a little bit more affordable for many motorcaravanners.