The motoring experts at have sifted through some of the most well-loved British films to identify the best scenic drives from cinematic history.

Best drives from iconic British films

Forth Bridge, Scotland – Trainspotting (1996)

The iconic nineties classic starring Ewan McGregor is set in the Scottish city of Edinburgh and features a number of recognisable locations. Forth Bridge – situated just a few miles West the city centre – presides over the body of water that hugs Edinburgh. If you’re visiting Scotland make sure to drive across the 8,000 foot bridge as it provides one of the vastest views in the country.

Doune Castle, Scotland – Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Doune Castle is one of the many castles scattered around Scotland and although this one may not hold as much historical value as others, it certainly boasts a strong pop culture significance. Used as part of the set for the critically acclaimed Monty Python and The Holy Grail movie, the castle is offset from the main road amongst lush woodland. You can drive right up to the six hundred year-old castle and walk around its scenic grounds.

Newcastle, England – Get Carter (1971)

With Michael Caine arguably at his best in the 1971 classic Get Carter, it’s easy to see why this film is so iconic and has set the tone for most gangster films that have followed. Newcastle was a primary location used in the film and the scene in which Carter meets Margret was filmed on the High Level Bridge in the North End. A drive across the High Level Bridge immerses you in the rich industrial history of the North and also delivers a beautiful view of the city and its surrounding river.

St Albans, England – Snatch (2000)

 Guy Ritchie’s Snatch quickly garnered a cult following that still runs strong twenty years on. Set primarily in the backstreets of London, the crime-comedy also features the historic Hertfordshire town of St. Albans. You may remember the famous scene in which Brad Pitt tries to purchase a caravan – this was filmed in St. Albans! Driving through the quaint streets of St Michael provides a peaceful journey through the town. If you’re looking to stop off somewhere, you can learn to bake artisan bread at the Redbournbury Watermill and Bakery which is just up Redbourn Road.

Swanage, England – Dunkirk (2017) 

Swanage is one of the key filming locations of Dunkirk and also one in which Harry Styles made his acting debut. Just along from the harbour and Swanage Railway station, where some of the key shots were captured, the English Channel meets the glorious cliffs of the coastal town. A steady drive along the Lighthouse Road will take you to a picturesque footpath that leads to the beautiful Anvil Point Lighthouse. The British coastline at its best!

Freshwater West, Wales – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Two (2011)

Garnering a strong 8.1 rating on IMDB, the last installment in the much-loved Harry Potter franchise features many scenic locations as the team set out to destroy Voldemort once and for all. Freshwater West in Wales is the location for arguably the most emotional scene of all eight movies, but that doesn’t distract from its raw beauty in real life. Set just off the B3419 road heading through the Pembrokeshire National Park, the rolling dunes and sandy beach provide for an idyllic picnic break on a long journey.

Southend, England – James Bond: Goldfinger (1964) 

Southend-on-Sea is not only home to the longest iron pleasure pier in the world and great fish and chips, but it also starred in a brief cameo in one of Sean Connery’s many Bond films. Driving along the seafront is the best way to see Southend in all its glory, with an abundance of parking too, it makes for a scenic stop off on a long road trip.

Somerset, England – Hot Fuzz (2005)

Home of the 2005 cop comedy flick, Hot Fuzz, Somerset certainly has a less satanical, and more British holiday postcard aura than duo Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright depict in the film. The winding B3135 country road provides a picturesque view of the famous Cheddar Gorge and is arguably one of the most beautiful drives in England.