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Four wheel-drive vans that have been modified for motorhome use are nothing new, but there are still places where tyres can’t take you. This VW camper van, on the other hand, looks like it can cope with any obstacle off-road or on — just don’t’ expect it to do so quickly.

The van is clearly a labour of love by some ingenious mechanic and, apparently, it uses the running gear from an M29 Weasel tracked vehicle originally built for use in WWII.

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The “tank” has a 70HP, 3-litre engine and can apparently cross a three feet wide ditch with ease and roll over a two-foot barrier. The top speed is 35 miles per hour, and it can run for 196 miles with its 35-gallon fuel tank. Oh, and it also floats (though there’s no mention of whether or not it actually runs in the water…).

The good news is that this bizarre VW camper hybrid is for sale. The bad news is that there’s no price listed by vendor Vehicle Liquidation, “Antelope Valley’s #1 Auto Dealer for Used Cars”. And, of course, any UK buyer would need to arrange for shipping from the US — using it to cross the continent and then the Atlantic would possibly be too much of a challenge…

[via Ridelust]