Auto-Sleepers is based in Worcestershire, near the village of Broadway – which is why you will sometimes see their motorhomes referred to as Broadway Babes.

Although the firm may lack the glamour of New York’s Broadway, it shines brightly in its own way as the UK’s oldest volume builder of motorhomes.

Nuevo was first unveiled in 2002 to fill a gap in the range, which was lacking a compact coachbuilt.

This was to address the onslaught of successful shorties from Autocruise, and the growing demand among Auto-Sleepers’ loyal PVC-owning customer base for something with the same footprint as their current ‘vans, but better insulation.

Nuevo hit the ground running, and hasn’t slowed since its inception. Currently the offer consists of two layouts, with three overcab styles.

All have the same offside wardrobe ahead of the corner washroom with swing-wall shower compartment. The kitchen is also common to both layouts, placing the oven and sink along the rear wall and the fridge on the nearside, just forward of the entrance door.

Both models feature a lounge and swivelling cab seats. The EK provides two inward-facing settees, while the ES replaces the settee on the offside with a double travel seat half-dinette.

Both lounges convert to a transverse double bed, or – if the cab seat squabs are included – two easy-access longitudinal single beds.

You could order the low-line overcab with either a panoramic roof light or extra high-level lockers, whereas the Luton option offered an additional (full-size) double bed, increasing the sleeping accommodation to four or offering a bed for folk who wished to leave the lounge undisturbed.

The original purchasers would have been able to choose any of the roof options with both layouts.

Originally the base vehicle was a 130bhp Peugeot Boxer, but for the current crop, the default choice was the 150bhp Euro 5 engine, followed by the 160bhp Euro 6. The option of a two-pedal drive was offered courtesy of Fiat’s Ducato with Comfort-Matic automatic transmission.

Standard spec was fine, but most will have opted for the £2500 Premium Pack with a host of extras, consisting of alloy wheels, cab air-con, cruise control, wind-out awning, reversing camera and monitor/sat-nav head unit, solar panel and leather steering wheel and gear knob. Currently, the Fiat automatic option with a 150bhp engine is £4000 extra, so expect a premium for a pre-owned example.


  • Auto-Sleepers Nuevo on Peugeot Boxer (Fiat Ducato optional)
  • Built 2015 to present in Willersey near Broadway, UK
  • Overcab low-profile and Luton coachbuilt
  • Overall length 5.75m (18′ 10″)


Base vehicle

Well sorted by now, but prospective purchasers might wish to know who makes the engine fitted in the Boxer. The original 2.2-litre examples were built by Ford; later Euro 6 2.0-litre models were made by Peugeot. Both Euro 5 and Euro 6 Ducato models have Fiat’s own Multijet engines.

Look for a full service history and, for those buying newer examples, check the warranty documentation is present either as hard copy (paper) or online.


Generally well put together, but do insist on evidence of regular habitation services and damp checks (essential yearly for the extended body integrity warranty).

Note that the gas tank should have been inspected regularly, and that the cab blinds and insulation for the wheel-arch linings were an extra-cost option. Both can be retrofitted.


  • Compact length
  • Option for any overcab with each layout
  • GRP exterior cladding
  • Strong residuals


  • Only one armrest on each cab seat
  • Although still compact, it has grown since the original sub-18ft model


If this is to be your ‘only’ vehicle, the ES, because of the extra travel seats. It will have to be on a Ducato if you want automatic transmission, and these are rare. Don’t buy a Nuevo without the Premium Pack: you’ll only regret it.


The price new including Premium Pack is £58,000 (manual transmission), so Chelston’s 2017 EK with all the goodies and just 13,800 miles offers a useful saving at an asking price of £49,995. Post-2015 models are rarely available under £44,000. If this is unaffordable, why not consider a previous generation? Cleveland Motorhomes has a 2005 EK for £18,995; just 54,000 miles covered.


On Peugeot Boxer and under 6.0m, Elddis Accordo 105; Bailey Approach Compact 520 and 540.